Conducting an Effective Job Search

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The job search can be time-consuming, but if job seekers maximize their time and tap into professional resources, the leads may just begin pouring in with minimal effort. Work smart and hard while seeking new employment with these strategies that include utilizing your professional network to your advantage.

Use Job Alerts

Many job seekers spend countless hours browsing through online job boards. While you may find some worthy prospects during your job search, you can also save time by setting up free job alerts. Fill out the online assessments within each job board related to your industry so the results are filtered and sent directly to your email inbox. You can also use an aggregate service to find job leads suitable for your experience and qualifications that search through multiple job sites such as and

Tap Into Your Professional Network

Gather leads for your job search from professionals who are already working in your industry. Spend time getting to know industry experts when attending social networking events. You can also increase your network by joining professional organizations within your field and reaching out to these individuals via social media platforms, such as LinkedIn or Twitter. Make it known you are seeking new opportunities, and prepare an elevator pitch to familiarize those you meet with your skills and experience. Seek out people willing to serve as a mentor to help guide you through your search.

Utilize Your Personal Connections

While your network in the professional field is often very valuable, it's also wise to tap into your personal connections. Browse through your list of friends and followers on social media to locate people who have connections within your field. A friend of a friend may already be employed at a company where you hope to gain employment. Use these personal connections to your advantage during your job search. Ask family members to reach out to professionals they know to arrange meet and greets.

Boost Your Skills

Continue to develop and improve your skills during your job search. Take a class or workshop at a local community college to enhance your knowledge of software and hardware programs. Network with professors or instructors teaching these classes to inquire about job leads within your field. You may also come into contact with other job seekers when attending these seminars or workshops who can aid you in your search for employment.

While the search for employment often includes polishing your resume and sending out cover letters, it's crucial for job seekers to also make personal and professional connections during the job search. Showcase your skills and talents verbally and personally while attending networking events, workshops and seminars to let others know you are eager and have the drive to succeed.

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