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If you are fresh out of college and planning for your first job interview, it's important to prepare interview questions during your job search. Although the employer may ask questions that are common, it's up to you to bring up key talking points that demonstrate your skills and experience to make a positive impression and show that you are the best fit for the position.

Work Experience

Even if your work experience is not necessarily relevant to the specific job field, it's important to explain how the skills you obtained in previous jobs make you qualified for the position. During the job interview, provide specific examples of how your performance in previous positions enhanced the company's overall production and performance. Identify, too, how you utilized your skills to positively impact previous firms. Reference internships, and detail what you learned and how you developed your skills while training.


Classes you have taken to earn your degree have likely helped to increase your knowledge of a specific industry. Offering information about what you learned is crucial. Detail the projects you worked on within your major courses, and describe how these tasks helped you learn more about the career field. Emphasize your ability to work with groups and teams, and provide specific examples of how you collaborated with classmates to show that you are a team player.

Specialized Skills

It is likely that while at an internship or while learning in your classes, you obtained specialized skills related to your industry. Describe these skills during the job interview so the employer can see that you are ready to jump right into the workforce and make a difference in the workplace. Offer detailed accounts of how you used these skills while on the job or while completing projects at your higher education institution.

Professional Networks

Many times, employers are interested in who you know within the industry. Spend time during your job search establishing connections with people in the field so you can then reference these relationships during the job interview. Join professional organizations and attend workshops and seminars related to your field so you can discuss these experiences.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Employers want to know who you are as a person as well as a professional. Outline your involvement in the community at the job interview to show that you are capable of representing the company in a positive manner. Detail your affiliations with non-profit organizations and explore your volunteer work. If you have hobbies that are related to the industry, share this information with the hiring manager.

Allow the employer to guide the job interview, but make a point to reference these specific talking points to further impress hiring managers. Showcase your skills, your experience and your education to emphasize your qualifications when interviewing to boost your chances of landing the job.

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