Create a More Engaged and Productive Workforce With These 5 Steps

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Hiring competent employees is only the first step on the path toward creating a stable, quality workforce. Maintaining a high level of productivity also requires that you retain those employees and keep them interested in your company's mission. Engaged workers have enthusiasm for their work and are unlikely to leave your company, even if an offer with better pay or benefits comes along. Develop an engaged workforce by following these five steps.

1. Give a Good First Impression

An employee's perception of your organization starts with the very first contact, so make sure your hiring managers are polite and responsive. Continue that welcoming attitude on the employee's first day of work. Make sure the new employee gets a complete tour and is introduced to other employees and members of the management team. Take time to explain your company's mission to each new hire, and describe how their position fits into the big picture. Openly share productivity goals as well as parts of the company culture that could impact the new worker, such as regular socials or scheduled inspection days.

2. Make Training a Process

Providing the best training is a continual process. Provide enough initial training to reduce anxiety before workers jump into their roles, and then continue to offer regular training opportunities to improve your workforce's abilities and knowledge for increased productivity. On-the-job training and education opportunities help employees grow, and growth leads to more investment in their positions and the company's work in general, improving your retention rate.

3. Provide Opportunities for Advancement

Workers need to know that opportunities for advancement are available in your organization. Discuss career path opportunities with employees soon after they are hired. This leads to engaged workers who are able to visualize a long-term future and growth with your company and increased productivity. Engaged workers work harder to meet goals and want to help your organization succeed.

4. Show Appreciation Regularly

Make sure your employees know their value. Incorporate an air of gratitude into your company culture. Thank workers verbally for a job well done. Send an appreciative email to a worker who helps your company meet a specific goal. Recognize individuals who come up with a great idea or point out a safety issue. Provide certificates for accomplishments, and don't forget more substantial rewards, such as bonuses, paid time off and perks. Engaged workers know that the company needs them to get things done and enjoy making things happen.

5. Create Connections

Provide employees at every level with a direct connection to management. Engaged workers feel like they are part of something bigger and know that someone is available to hear their concerns. This connection could be in the form of regular meetings between workers and their bosses, or you could assign someone the job of liaison, working with employees through the onboarding process and into the future, soliciting opinions, resolving conflicts and building engagement through educational opportunities and events.

Make sure that every employee in your organization is an engaged worker by providing a welcoming introduction, ongoing training, opportunities for advancement and regular recognition. Growing connections throughout your business is a great way to keep your workforce engaged for better employee retention and more productivity.

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