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When choosing a career path, should you focus on earning a high salary, having a prestigious job title or working for an extremely popular company? Truth is, professionals who focus on these three things usually end up unhappy and unfulfilled in their careers. Countless studies show that you're likely to experience greater happiness, mental health and physical well-being if you love your job. The following tools can help you determine what you love to do.

1. Books and Magazines

Reading is a great way to expand your mind and learn about new things. Through books and magazines, you can learn a lot about yourself, your interests and the world around you. Go to a book store or magazine stand, and explore the various titles. If something stands out to you, grab it. If you're not sure what genre you're most interested in, just pick the one and start reading. Eventually, you'll find that you're drawn to certain niches and industries. Explore the career paths available in these industries to determine if any of them offer job opportunities you may love.

2. Career Coaching

Career coaches are professionals who get to know you as an individual and professional to help you determine the career path that suits your personality and desires best. To learn more about their clients, career coaches often administer personality tests and conduct a series of interviews. Then, they sit with clients and develop personalized career plans that include specific actionable steps. In addition, offering assistance with resumes and cover letters, career coaches will also motivate you, track your progress and check on you periodically to ensure you're following your plan.

You can find a career coach at a college or university, but if you're not in school, you might need to hire this type of professional. Paying for a career coach is worth considering, since these professionals can be an invaluable asset to any job seeker who desperately needs assistance and support.

3. Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to expose yourself to a variety of fields without the obligation of being employed by a company. You can volunteer virtually anywhere, including schools, hospitals, corporate offices, animal shelters, farms and plant nurseries. Make it clear to the organization that you simply want to spend time in the field to see what it's like. Be as helpful as possible while volunteering, and ask plenty of questions. Some opportunities might turn you off instantly, while others just might put you on a new career path.

4. Meditation

It's best to have a clear, focused mind when trying to determine your career path, and one great way to achieve this is through meditation. Find a quiet place to sit down and clear your head each morning. Breathe deeply while meditating, and aim to let go of any fears or uncertainties associated with beginning a new career path. This practice helps to boost your confidence, making it easier to take action.

More than likely, your grandparents worked to survive and weren't passionate about their jobs. Thankfully, times have changed drastically. It's certainly possible to have a prestigious title, earn a great salary and love your job. Choose a career path that you're passionate about to ensure the greatest career success and personal fulfillment.

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