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A job interview is always a two-way conversation. At the end of your face time, you have an opportunity to ask questions. Here are some questions to ask employers that can help you decide if you are a perfect fit for the organization.

1. "What Made My Resume Stand Out?"

The answer to this question gives you an idea of how employers respond when they initially view your resume. Hopefully, the job interviewers are honest with you when appraising your qualifications.

2. "What Sets Your Company Apart From Your Competitors?"

The answer to this question lets you know exactly what the employer thinks of the company's ability to beat that competition. You can also determine if you have what it takes to help the company achieve this goal.

3. "What Makes a Successful Employee at this Company?

This job interview question allows the hiring manager to set expectations. Once you know exactly what the boss expects, you'll be well on your way to becoming an indispensable part of the team.

4. "What Progress Do You Expect Me to Make in the Next Three Months?"

As a supplement to being a successful employee, this job interview question helps you to determine if you really want to take the position if you receive an offer. The answer you receive gives you more insight into the everyday job duties the position requires.

5. "How Do You Live Out the Company's Values?"

Managers, especially, should conform to the company's mission and values, since they set the standard for the team. The answer to this query lets you gauge whether or not the organization is truly passionate about its core values.

6. "What Big Challenges Does Your Company Face Today?"

Asking this question during a job interview gives you a chance to learn a bit more about the company and its current goals. If the company does not have a clear picture of its struggles and no plan in place to overcome them, consider seeking employment elsewhere. A lack of a clear answer to this question demonstrates a lack of clear goals.

7. "What Do You Enjoy Most About Working Here?"

This question focuses on the company culture and what it's really like to work for the organization. If the interviewer answers "I'm a workaholic, so I really enjoy the 70-hour work weeks," you may want to reconsider accepting the position. If he says "I enjoy the close-knit, family-type atmosphere," you might be more open to accepting the job.

These questions to ask potential employers can help you decide if you want to accept or decline a job offer. What questions do you ask during a job interview to determine if the organization is right for you?

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