Do You Have These Skills for a Successful Interview?

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Your cover letter and resume impressed the hiring manager enough for him to call you for a job interview, so now it's time to really shine. You get one opportunity to make a memorable first impression, but doing so goes beyond just brushing up on some common interview questions. Check out this list of 10 skills necessary for a successful job interview to see how you rate.

1. Research Skills

Before your job interview, take the time to research the organization. Find out what products and services it offers. Learn about the hierarchy and top managers through the company's website and social media pages. Discover what you can about the company culture by searching LinkedIn for some current employees.

2. Positive Attitude

Never make negative remarks in a job interview. Even if you're asked about a former boss or must explain why you want to leave your current employer. Simply say you're looking for a new challenge.

3. Effective Listening

Stay focused on the hiring manager throughout your interview. This keeps your mind off your own nervousness and helps you answer questions with confidence.

4. Good Body Language

Offer a firm handshake when you introduce yourself to the interviewer. Maintain comfortable eye contact throughout the interview, and remember to smile. Avoid fidgeting with pens, papers or any other item.

5. Polite Demeanor

Be polite to every person you encounter as you head to the job interview. News of a less-than-honorable interaction with the doorman or receptionist could makes it way to the company CEO quickly and cost you the job.

6. Professional Presentation

Dress to impress for your interview. Choose a professional suit and polished shoes. Make sure your nails are clean and hair is freshly groomed.

7. Polish Your Resume

Review your resume right several times before your interview. Make sure you are familiar with everything on it, including education dates and previous work experience.

8. Passionate Approach

Let your excitement for the job shine through in your responses. Explain why you're enthusiastic about the industry or why you chose this profession.

9. Insightful Thinking

When it comes time for you to ask questions, make sure they're thoughtful and intelligent. Inquire about the company culture, or ask how the organization evaluates employee performance.

10. Sincerity

At the end of the job interview, thank the hiring manager and any other panelists for their time. Later that day, send a brief thank-you note to show your gratitude.

Possessing these 10 skills helps you gain that competitive edge to outshine the competition. If you're lacking in any of these areas, take the time to hone your job interview skills. It takes practice, some of which you can only gain by interviewing, so don't let yourself get discouraged. Look at every job interview as an opportunity for improvement.

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