Do You Have the Most In-Demand Skills on Your Resume?

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Your skills, experience and professional qualifications continually evolve, and so do the skills that companies look for in candidates. Consider adding an in-demand skill or two on your resume as employers seek people with various technology-based skills in 2017. These skills may land you a better job, a higher salary or a more prominent job title or make you stand out from other candidates vying for the same position.

Update LinkedIn

Your resume is more than just a typed document that lists skills, accomplishments, education and experience. In a passive job search, companies seek out an in-demand skill from certain candidates that might fit perfectly with a company's culture while supplementing the main job qualifications. Adding to your skills sooner rather than later gives you a competitive advantage over other candidates. Therefore, it makes sense for you to update your LinkedIn profile, portfolio and online resume with some technology skills to supplement your main skill set.

Get Some Training

Thanks to online resources, you have plenty of alternatives when it comes to ways to expand an in-demand skill on a resume. Take online courses through an accredited college, receive video-based instruction from teachers and complete projects that demonstrate your knowledge of a particular skill. Pick a few technology-based skills to see which ones you might like to add to your repertoire for 2017.

Choose From In-Demand Hard Skills for 2017

Social media continues to be all the rage, and these types of websites serve as ways for recruiters to find hires, companies to reach out to customers and candidates to find employers they like. Social media management is one in-demand skill that every company, individual and employer must have when it comes to customer service, finding hires and looking for work. Leverage your professional social media account into an added skill during an interview to stand out from the crowd.

Photo and video editing is an important in-demand skill as more companies turn to YouTube as a way to market themselves. There are tons of online classes and how-to videos about using video editing software. Read reviews on the best type of software, and then study it to learn how to make the best video presentations. The best part about this skill is that you can post your finished work on your portfolio.

Coding and HTML knowledge grows by the day because millions of people use apps and surf the web every day. Your future employer may need help redesigning a website or coming up with an app, as these types of products change as frequently as every two years. Take initiative, and attend a coding course online. Tout this type of skill with a finished project on your website.

Project management skills are valuable to any industry because this type of software allocates manpower and resources effectively over the course of a major project. Learn how to use a project management system so you can show your ability to plan, execute and complete a project.

An in-demand skill can make the difference between landing a great job or missing an opportunity. For 2017, try to expand your hard skills and get ahead of the game in your professional life.

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