Does Your Job Really Affect How Much You Exercise?

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Research has clearly documented the benefits of exercise. The challenge is finding the time when work demands increase. When working full time in a high-stress job, finding the time to achieve a work-life balance and incorporate more activity in your day is often a challenge. Your job affects your ability to exercise, but you can find ways to increase your physical activity without neglecting your job duties.

A recent study by the National Center for Health Statistics revealed that your job directly influences how much activity and exercise you get when you're off the clock. Achieving a work-life balance is not always simple. Federal guidelines recommend at least 75 minutes of rigorous activity and 150 minutes of moderate activity each week, in addition to strength training. Yet the study, conducted between 2008 and 2014, claims that many professionals are unable to meet the federal guidelines due to work demands. The study revealed that 43 percent of working adults do not meet the federal guidelines, so they cannot achieve a work-life balance where activity is concerned.

Individuals working jobs with physical demands in the production industry are less likely to spend time after hours to go to the gym or even take a walk around the block, according to the study. The toll of physical labor can deplete a professional's energy to engage in more activity when the workday is complete. However, the study revealed that professionals working in sedentary positions, such as office-based or managerial employees, are more likely to engage in physical activity after hours. Not all meet this criteria, though. A startling 30 percent of individuals in these occupations still neglect to meet the federal guidelines for physical activity.

The study revealed that learning more about the positive aspects of exercise is the key to motivating employees to engage in more activity while achieving a work-life balance. Initiatives on the job to teach employees about health and wellness, as well as offering exercise classes during the workday, can further impact wellness. Your company can positively impact the health of employees by offering a yoga class during lunch time, encouraging walks during breaks or adding standing desks to workspaces to encourage movement on the job.

Emphasize the benefits of exercise during weekly meetings or company seminars. Increased activity not only aids physical health, but also mental wellness and quality of life to help employees obtain a positive work-life balance.

Supplement your workday with activity that gets your heart pumping and your body fully engaged to increase your overall mental and physical health while gaining a work-life balance. Employees can motivate each other to increase physical activity after hours, too, with healthy competitions, work-sponsored cooking demonstrations and educational seminars to ensure health is a top priority in the workplace.

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