Everything You Need to Know About Moving on From a Career Slump

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Perhaps you don't feel like going to work this week. Maybe you feel underappreciated for all of the hard work you put in at the office. Try to determine if you're in the midst of a career slump and figure out how to get past it. After all, you have many paths available to you that can lead to a happier and more fulfilling career.

Knowing When to Leave Your Job

Realizing the difference between having a few rough days or understanding signs of a larger problem can make the difference between moving on from a career slump sooner or later. One way to gauge whether you should leave involves the types of obstacles you face at the office. These obstacles have to deal with your fulfillment at work. If you feel a lack of respect from your co-workers, no support from your teammates or supervisor, no way to earn a promotion, nor any way to alleviate boredom with your daily duties, moving on from your current position seems like the better option.

Leaving your job is a big step when you recognize you're in a career slump. If you can just be patient, don't abandon your current position without having a contingency plan in place. Get a new job at a new employer, even if it's a lateral move, to see if a change in workplaces does the trick. Perhaps you want to completely change careers, which means you should have a plan for discovering your passion, going back to school or tapping into your network to find a new career path.

Knowing When to Stay

Understanding when to stay with your job means taking a hard look at your circumstances. Know when you need to take a vacation and unplug from work, because you may return to the office feeling refreshed and happier. Maybe you simply had a bad week, with everyone at the office having to deal with stress, and it affected your productivity as well. If you enjoy working for the company as a whole, perhaps a promotion or a raise can get you out of your career slump. If your feelings are transitory, you should probably stay instead of jumping to another career or company.

Ways to Fix Your Career Slump

Try some of these techniques to fix your professional slump. Sometimes, you just need to try different things before making a huge decision.

Quietly read a book every night to stimulate your mind, whether you enjoy the latest bestselling novel or the most recent book by the trending business leadership guru. Try attending a ball game or lecture on a fascinating topic, or binge watch your favorite show to take a mental break.

Journal to write out your feelings or meditate to clear your mind. You may discover some things about yourself, such as a new career path or dealing with unresolved issues, that make you more aware of your immediate surroundings.

Navigate a career slump by taking a thorough look at your situation. The answer to your problem may be as simple as gaining a new introspection on your wants, desires and job situation.

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    I will do anything right now even sweeping because I need a job. I have left School over 40 years now.

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