Five Interview Mistakes You Probably Don’t Realize You’re Making

Carlee Nilphai
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You’ve tried and tried again, but you just keep getting that rejection letter - everyone has been there. But there might be a reason you aren’t hearing any yes’s - the interview. Don’t go in unprepared! Here are 5 common mistakes you might be making and how to avoid them!


1. Not taking time to think about the question.

While it looks great to an employer if you have an answer ready to go, it doesn’t look good if you’re talking in circles until you figure out a point. If you’re asked a question you don’t know how to respond to readily, take a few seconds to think about it. A momentary awkward pause before an amazing response is better than blabbering.


2. Not doing your research.

You might think you’re an expert in winging it, but it obvious to potential employers when you come unprepared. Always do your research on the company and even the person you’re interviewing with if you know ahead of time who that will be.


3. Coming without questions.

This one is repeated across the board, but not coming with questions for the interviewer is detrimental. Always come prepared with at least 5 questions. Most of the time, the interviewer will answer your questions during the interview, so having backup questions is a good plan. Don’t be afraid to ask about the next steps in the process as well - this shows employers you are excited about moving forward with the company!


4. Making it all about you.

It might sound weird to say, but the interview is not just about you and your skills. Employers want to know how you and your skills will benefit the company and its mission. Don’t just talk about what you can do - relate it to how your previous experience and your ability makes you an asset to the business.


5. Saying you’re a “perfectionist.”

This term is overused and employers aren’t impressed by it. If you call yourself a perfectionist, most interviewers see this as a sign that you are trying too hard to make yourself seem like something you are not. Talk about weaknesses that seem genuine, like not speaking up in meetings, or that you are working on your delegation skills. Even if you do feel like perfectionism is something you truly struggle with, do not use the word “perfectionist” at all.


Consider these things next time your preparing for an interview, and remember to relax. The interviewers are people too and they don’t want to see you fail - they want to want you as their newest employee. Good luck!


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  • cynthia C.
    cynthia C.

    Thanks, very helpful.

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    Stanton A.

    OK thanks!

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    Nancy Anderson

    @michael r - thanks for your comment. We have tons of articles on our career network that can help you with things such as writing your resume, networking, interviewing and so on. Don't hesitate to check them out. Simply click on the down arrow next to Interests and then Career Advice.

  • michael r.
    michael r.

    Had I heard these before , I'd already have a job . Many Thanks !

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    Tusingwire S.

    Great advice, very sage

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    Very sage, concise advice

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