Four Qualities To Look for in a New Hire

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Hiring a new employee is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. When a new hire doesn't work out, the resources you invested in the hiring process are essentially lost. By looking for candidates with desirable qualities, you can reduce wasted costs and find employees who will be long-lasting assets for the company.


When it comes to finding a great new hire, intelligence is a crucial factor. By hiring smart workers, you can spend less time fixing mistakes and micromanaging. Intelligent people tend to pick up on new concepts quickly — and if they don't, they know how to approach the learning process. As you go through the hiring process, look for people who pick up on your meaning, ask insightful questions and display a shrewd grasp of the industry. Hiring people with a high cognitive ability often allows you to save a great deal of time and stress down the road.


Ambition is one of the most important qualities to look for in a new hire. People with ambition are more likely to hustle to get the job done, go above and beyond to help a client and find ways to transform a good project into a great project. Ambitious employees know where they want to go — and they are willing to do the work to get there. Along the way, your company benefits from their hard work and effort. Candidates without ambition may not have the drive it takes to become a top performer. Identify candidates with ambition with interview questions that target future plans. Applicants who answer with enthusiasm and concrete ideas are likely to be more ambitious than those who offer vague and uninterested answers.

Culturally Appropriate

Many businesses have strong corporate cultures that shape the course of a normal workday. To ensure continued harmony in the office, it is crucial to find a new hire who will be an excellent cultural fit. Consider the atmosphere and working style of your business. Do you collaborate freely and exchange ideas out loud? Do employees work independently? What is the office atmosphere? If your employees tend to be highly creative and free-thinking, a quiet traditionalist may not be able to blossom. Likewise, a vocal extrovert may feel stifled in a quiet and industrious environment. Choosing someone who will fit in with your other employees can help avoid the conflict that hurts productivity.


When it comes to joining a new office, confidence is a crucial factor. New employees who are easily intimidated may not be able to hit the ground running. A confident new hire, on the other hand, will be able to ask questions and make bold attempts until he finds his way. In the process, you'll eliminate the need for supervisor hand-holding. Look for people who are confident in their abilities but humble enough to know their limits.

There's no question about it: hiring is a stressful and expensive process for everyone involved. When you vet a potential new hire based on the qualities that are important to your business, you can increase the efficiency of each round of hiring.


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