Four Qualities of Successful Admins of the Future

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Administrative assistants not only require all the organizational and communications skills they have always needed, but they also need to have some key technology skills that simply weren't necessary in the past. The admin of the future must stay on top of rapid changes in technology and be able to handle cloud computing and social media as well as whatever tech is waiting around the corner. Here are four qualities future admins will need.


As technology continues to evolve quickly, the administrative assistant of the future must be able to adapt with great flexibility. She must incorporate new tech tools into her regular routines and be prepared to help others in the workplace, including her boss, to understand how to use them. An admin who clings to the way things have always been done around her office is likely to find herself left behind as technological revolutions speed past her. Anticipating what's coming and being able to flex easily as priorities shift are vital qualities for tomorrow's administrative assistant.


Administrative assistants have always needed excellent communications skills. However, as the use of social media grows in the business world, admins need to add a sense of tact and discretion to their skill set. Many admins handle their boss's Facebook and Twitter feeds or help their bosses with them. Understanding the company's privacy policies and having a sense of what is appropriate to post becomes increasingly crucial as social media makes the workplace more transparent. Simply by being tactful and thinking before posting, the administrative assistant of the future can save her company from online embarrassment.

Tech Skills

Administrative assistants must stay on top of all the relevant technology trends to keep their offices moving forward. In the future, they are likely to be even more responsible for data management, social media and cloud computing. Not only will they have to use new technology, they will probably have to explain it to their bosses and others in the office. As more businesses start relying on virtual office apps that allow workers to check in from any location, admins must be prepared to interact with consultants, freelancers and even office employees working at remote locations and to coordinate all the apps needed to keep work flowing smoothly.

Organizational Skills

Admins have always needed top-notch organizational skills, and that is one skill set that is not going to change in the future. Whether using high-tech software or a paper notepad and pen, an administrative assistant still will need to set meetings, arrange business travel, prepare documents, handle scheduling and keep the workplace productive. While new apps and hardware may make these tasks easier in the future, the fundamental skills of an admin are still crucial.

Technology trends are in constant motion, but a top administrative assistant takes tech changes in stride. When an admin develops skills in technology and organization and maintains an attitude of tactfulness and flexibility, she is well-prepared to face whatever her workplace future holds.

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