Gulf Coast Rebounds with Record Tourism and Hospitality Jobs

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Remember all the doom-and-gloom job reports about the Gulf Coast last year? Granted the area was devastated and many pundits thought the area would never rebound. But resilience and determination have paid off.

The Gulf Coast has experienced a record-setting comeback in tourism. Despite suffering the largest oil spill in this nation’s history, tourism is more robust than before the oil spill and better than any previous year.

Beaches along the Panhandle saw a 61 percent rise in tourism over 2010. Alabama tourism rose 51 percent; even Mississippi witnessed a 7 percent jump. Louisiana’s tourism is up as well, reporting surprisingly healthy increases.

At Pensacola Beach Flounder’s restaurant, seafood-loving tourists were spending big time on Gulf shrimp, yellowtail and mahi mahi. And west of Pensacola, past the Floribama bar, 2011 tourism was better than ever.

Helping local businesses with the 2011’s rebound was none other than the company originally responsible for the oil spill—British Petroleum. In addition to shelling out $20 billion to clean up the beaches, the company forked over an additional $200 million to promote tourism and provided more funds for national TV commercials inviting tourists to come back.

For hospitality businesses in the Gulf states, 2012 promises to be a very good year for tourism. And that means jobs for restaurants and hotels. For example, check out the career opportunities at Spectrum Resorts Gulf Shores. Or MGM Grand’s Gulf careers.

For an added perspective, check out this video:
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