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Interviews are notorious for creating anxiety, but with the right interview tips, you can boost your confidence and curb interview stress before it hits. Here are some of the best ways to ensure your next interview is anything but stressful.

Don't Over-Prepare

While getting your documents and outfit together the night before can be helpful, over-preparing can leave you feeling anxious. To fight interview stress, don't sweat the small stuff. Remember that the perfect handshake, hairstyle and accessory choices aren't likely to be deal breakers for your interviewer.

Become the Interviewer

The idea of being judged by an interviewer can easily lead to interview stress overload. While the pressure is on, keep in mind that while your interviewer is evaluating you, you are interviewing the company as a potential employer. This mindset shift from interviewee to co-interviewer allows you to take control and enter the interview with more confidence.

Think Realistically

During an interview, the hiring manager is likely to bring up hypothetical worst-case scenarios for you to solve. While this can leave you feeling anxious about the job, keep in mind the interviewer is only trying to see how you act and reason under pressure. In reality, the position is probably not nearly as intense as it sounds during an interview.

Stay Comfortable

You shouldn't have to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of preparation. To curb interview stress, eat a healthy meal before your interview, give yourself plenty of time to reach the interview location without rushing and listen to relaxing music on the way there. Also, instead of stressing about which cologne or perfume to wear, keep it simple with a fresh deodorant.

Be Authentic

Nothing causes interview stress like trying to be someone you're not. Instead of over-analyzing questions and trying to decide what the interviewer wants to hear, be honest and natural. Interviewers can spot a phony response a mile away. Putting up a front isn't worth the anxiety.

Look on the Bright Side

Rather than viewing an interview as a make-or-break event, treat it as a learning experience. Whether the employer decides to hire you or not, the interview gives you a chance to practice your interview skills and learn more about your industry. Placing less weight on the outcome is sure to help calm your nerves.

Interview for the Right Job

If you're not interviewing for a position you know you'd enjoy, your confidence is likely to suffer. Interview for jobs you're passionate about to feel more excited and confident throughout the process. If you haven't found your passion yet, consider taking a few online career tests.

These interview tips can help you relax and enjoy your interview. Do you have any other ideas to help fight interview stress? Share them in the comments below.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Rebecca M thanks for your comment. Interviewing can be tough whether you just interviewed yesterday or your last interview was 10 years ago. But truly interviewing has not really changed all that much. A suggestion would be to do a search on the typical interview questions and just practice those. In addition, make sure that you take the time to research the company; find out everything that you can about them. Write a list of questions that you have regarding the job, the company and so on and have them ready on the day of your interview. But prior to that, practice, practice, practice. It might sound silly but sit in the front of a mirror while you are doing it or, if you have the ability, record yourself as your practicing. It would be great to have a trusted friend act as an interviewer and ask you the questions while you are recording. That way you can listen to your responses as well as see yourself - your body posture, movements, facial expressions, etc. so that if you see something that you don't like, you can make corrections prior to the interview. Above all else, during this interview, be yourself. Let your personality shine through.

  • Rebecca M.
    Rebecca M.

    I would like help with this it's been a long time

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