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They say the only things you can count on are death and taxes – so why waste time in a career you hate? Instead of suffering in silence day in and day out, try these 4 tips to make the process of finding a new career easier and way less daunting. 

1. Talk It Out

Chances are if you’ve been unhappy for some time, you’ve thought about careers that might possibly interest you. Instead of Googling possible careers to death, talk to people in your network! Ask what they do in a typical day, what they love and hate about their job, and what skills are required to get in the door. This will help you determine which careers will make for an easy switch and which ones would leave you in the same position you’re in now.

2.  Think It Through

I’ll admit that after binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy, I suddenly think that being a surgeon is my calling (it really, really isn’t). It helps to think it through. Would you need to go back to school for this desired career? What would it cost to get you to where you need to be? How much time will you need to gain the necessary skills or degrees? By thinking out the logistics, you can better visualize a timeline for getting to where you want to be.

3.  Map It All Out

By now, you should know what skills and certifications you need, what the day to day looks like in this role, what the average salary is in your area, and what the hours are. Map out how the hours and duties would change your routine. Budget out this new salary to see how your expenses would be affected. Thinking of everything in this way will help you “try on” the role to see if this is really something you want to pursue.

4.  Ask for Help

It takes a village to raise a kid – it also takes a village to network to your dream job. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! People won’t mind sharing advice about their industry or even possibly passing your resume along. You never know unless you ask. What you shouldn’t do, however, is reach out to people and ask for a job. This only works if you have a strong rapport with someone – and even then, you should only ask if they’d mind passing your resume along.

Yes, switching careers can be terrifying. You’re leaving the comforts of what you know and diving head-first into something new. Follow the four steps listed above so that this way you’re diving in well informed and prepared for what your new future holds. And remember, this is exciting! Don’t let stress cloud the excitement.




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    Atta M.

    Best advice, thanks.

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