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A business model should clearly define the desired company culture. When hiring executives and managers, the best candidate should model the characteristics of the culture, understand it and show initiative to maintain or improve it. Find the best cultural fit for your firm with thorough hiring strategies and a clearly established workplace environment.

Businesses who expect to attract cultural fits for management positions must first determine if the company is living up to its desired company culture. Evaluate how customers are served, what type of loyalty is desired from employees and customers, how decisions are made, and what type of morale is achieved within the workplace. A management team that can honestly assess the current company culture is more likely to hire an individual who subscribes to the same ideals.

The best person for a management position ideally possesses both industry credentials and a clear conception of how your business plays a role in society. Ask questions that assess how candidates perceive your business, ask for examples of how your company expresses its culture, and request examples of how the company can improve its image and practices. Executives must recognize accomplishments and challenges within an organization, and these questions help hiring managers determine who has thoroughly researched the company's role in the industry.

Hiring strategies for management positions should include an overall assessment of each candidate's corporate values. How does the potential employee approach ethical concerns in the workplace? What practices would improve client interactions while maintaining the company's integrity? Ask questions that reveal each candidate's approach to leadership and investigate commitment level to company culture in past positions.

Interview potential executives and managers with characteristics in mind that determine a cultural fit. Intelligence is a critical factor when hiring someone for a management position. A manager with an ability to adapt quickly and ask insightful questions can reduce uncertainty within their subordinates and establish a level of respect within a workplace environment.

Ambition is a necessary characteristic of a new hire. Executives and managers with ambition tend to motivate and inspire both employees and clients. Ambitious people often have clear short-term and long-term goals in mind and have the drive to reach both personal and business goals. Enthusiasm is a desirable trait and one that may positively impact your company's success.

The time-consuming endeavor of hiring a cultural fit pays off in the end with business practices that establish and subscribe to the value of the company culture. Pinpoint what your company needs in an executive, determine how the ideal candidate can impact employees and clients, and invest the time and energy into training and strategic planning, so the new manager succeeds and proves to be a cultural fit.


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