How to Appear Confident During the Job Interview

Amaris Miranda
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Let's start with the creative part of an interview, the outfit! As you walk into an interview, the first thing an interviewer will see is your attire. Clothing is one of the few ways you can creatively express yourself as a person; why not show your creativity and confidence through color theory. Although the four primary colors appeal to emotions, strangely, yellow is associated with confidence. According to Colour-Affects, yellow can lift your spirits and confidence. If you feel the part, you will look the part, and your confidence will emanate from within. However, be mindful of the shade of yellow; choosing the inappropriate shade can be distracting and be deemed as cautious.

Maintaining appropriate body language is an excellent and easy way to appear confident during an interview. Body language is known to be a nonverbal form of communication and can express how you feel without you having to verbalize anything. Whether you are confident or not during an interview, you want the interviewer to believe that you are. Straighten your back as much as possible, refrain from fidgeting your legs, tapping your fingers, or having your hands underneath a table. Displaying and moving your hands while speaking shows that you have nothing to hide from the person you are talking to. Therefore, you are considered honest and sure of what you are saying, appearing as confident.

Rehearsing your answers before an interview is excellent practice for the real deal. The last thing you want to do during an interview is be stumped when asked a question. Or unable to get the right words out of your mouth. Before an interview, research the company and the questions they ask during an interview. If you cannot find any resources online, look at the job posting and study the job description and duties. They will often ask what skills and experiences you have that align with their requirements and job duties. The ability to answer questions without stumbling on your words will help the employer know that you are confident within yourself and understand the expectations required to perform the job.

Last but not least, practice talking slowly. Timid people tend to speak quickly and often stumble on their words. This can lead to rambling and not answering questions to an interviewer's liking. By practicing the timing of your speech, you will appear calm and sure of your responses, eliminate fluidity issues, and most importantly, appear confident to an employer.


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