How to Become an Admin Superstar

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Businesses rely heavily on the support of administrative assistants. You are the one who keeps the office running efficiently and fuels improvements that benefit the company. Learn how to be a superstar in the office and the go-to professional employees can't live without.

An administrative assistant provides more than just support for employees and administrators. As the backbone of the business, you must ensure operations run smoothly and present innovative ideas to improve procedures and processes. Fuel productivity by becoming an industry insider as one of your primary assistant job duties. Know the trends within the industry, bulk up your knowledge of technology used by the competition and learn the terminology to better assess the needs of administrators and employees, suggests OfficeTeam. Use your knowledge of the industry to your full advantage by participating in training sessions and professional development workshops to continually increase your value within the company.

Office personnel who can enhance the company's bottom line are valuable assets. Make it part of your assistant job duties to find ways to make the operations of the business more efficient and save time and money for the company. Overseeing day-to-day operations puts you in the ideal position to evaluate cost-cutting strategies and time-saving processes. A superstar administrative assistant is eager to implement innovative ideas on a daily basis.

Professional assistants are responsible for setting meetings, managing schedules, maintaining supplies and providing reminders for upper management. Create strategies to make the workplace more efficient by incorporating technology into these daily processes. Implement online or virtual meeting places to enhance office communication. Streamline budgeting or expense processes with user-friendly software and provide training for key personnel to utilize technology. Any office can take advantage of emerging technologies to enhance productivity and profitability. An administrative assistant should be the innovator behind these processes.

Leadership skills are essential for administrative assistants. Engage employees and utilize the strengths of co-workers by organizing projects and delegating tasks. Listen effectively and actively to the scope of each project and present an organizational chart and lists of tasks to execute team work. Don't get overly attached to any single roadmap, though; part of effective leadership is having the flexibility to recognize when a different plan might lead to a better solution. Employees look to you for guidance and rely on your organizational skills, especially when you display characteristics of a superstar.

Administrators and employees depend on individuals who can provide innovative solutions, organize efficiently and take decisive action while remaining flexible and open to different ideas. Becoming a superstar administrative assistant requires dedication, motivation and a keen understanding of the company's goals and mission. Become a vital asset to your office by sharpening your skills on a daily basis.


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