How to Support a Growing Employer

Joseph Stubblebine
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Dealing with dramatic changes in the workplace proves difficult for many employees. For workers with a growing employer, changes occur rapidly, as new hires join an existing team and the company works to expand. Although this situation often places employees in unknown territory, the business itself also experiences growing pains. To help ensure a peaceful transition, workers should do their best to support workplace changes during a growth period.

Many employees immediately respond to change with a visceral reaction rather than taking the time to contemplate and digest new developments. A growing employer needs workers who can handle difficult circumstances without losing their cool. When change is underfoot, employees need to take the time to reflect upon the company's new direction. Doing so allows workers to address the complex emotions that often accompany these changes without projecting their negative feelings onto others in the workplace.

After adjusting to a new modus operandi, committed workers should strive to pull colleagues on board. For those who are resistant to change, working for growing employers causes anxiety, stress and anger. Dedicated employees need to give these individuals time to accept the changes while encouraging a positive outlook in the workplace. By working to support workplace changes, a worker helps reduce the pressure on the employer's shoulders.

Teamwork also proves essential for growing employers who need to address complicated business situations. Employees are not merely tasked with their own unique responsibilities, but instead, each person must work together for the betterment of the company. During periods of growth, increased responsibilities and larger workloads often fall on the existing workforce. By working as a team to resolve these challenges, employees allow their company to focus on more pressing matters.

Finally, workers need to learn how to say no to their bosses. A growing employer may sometimes lose perspective as bosses place more and more responsibilities on their staff. While it is important to address as many of these responsibilities as possible, at some point, employers cannot reasonably expect existing staff members to shoulder the burden of new developments. Workers need to express their inability to handle certain challenges with their management team. Although it may feel uncomfortable to turn down an employer's request, honestly responding to management requests helps strengthen the relationship between the employer and his team.

Growth periods often radically redefine how a business operates on a daily basis. Some employees find it impossible to deal with these changes and ultimately find themselves looking for other work opportunities For workers who want to stay with their growing employer and provide support along the way, it is important to remain positive and collaborate with other colleagues. This allows the employer to focus on expanding the company rather than dealing with unhappy workers.

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