If You Are Not Getting Interviews, It Could Be Your Resume

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During a job search, it's common for candidates to land interviews and not get job offers. But if you're not even getting interviews, it's time to take a closer look at your resume. More than likely, something about it turns employers off. Follow these five resume tips to ensure your document attracts employers and helps you land interviews.

1. Keep It Simple

If your resume is a long document filled with verbose education and skills descriptions, complicated industry jargon and too many details about previous jobs, don't be surprised if you don't make it to the interview stage. Simplicity is best when it comes to your resume, as employers generally don't want to read through lengthy, overcomplicated documents. List your skills and achievements using straightforward, professional terms, briefly describe what you accomplished in previous positions, and explain why your previous experiences make you the perfect fit for the job.

2. Make It Relevant

If you have a one-size-fits-all resume, you're not getting interviews because these documents generally end up in the shred pile. Hiring managers expect your document to be tailored to the position you want. Use a resume template, but make sure the details in your resume directly relate to the employer and specific duties listed in the job description.

3. Proofread Intently

Hiring managers don't expect you to be perfect, but they definitely expect your resume to be a perfect, error-free document. After reading through your document with a fine-tooth comb, have a few more people look it over. Ask former professors, colleagues or even relatives to proofread your resume. If you have a little extra cash, hire an online resume service to proofread your document and correct any spelling or grammar errors.

4. Be Honest

It's not difficult for employers to uncover a lie on your resume. These days, employers generally compare information on a candidate's resume to the information on a LinkedIn profile, personal website or professional blog. If an employer is really considering you as a candidate, he might even call a previous employer listed on your resume. If there's an obvious discrepancy in the information, it's unlikely that you'll move on to the interview stage. Always be honest about your skills and experiences, and make sure the information on your document matches the information on your social media profiles and other online outlets.

5. Submit a Cover Letter

Unless the employer puts "no cover letters" in the job description, always submit one with your resume. A cover letter allows you to introduce yourself to employers, provide information about your career goals and explain any gaps in employment. There's simply no room on your resume for this information. This document should also be specific to the employer and relevant to the position.

Your resume is likely the culprit if you're not landing interviews. Give it an overhaul, and use these five tips to ensure your updated resume helps you get your foot in the door.

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  • Sylvester C.
    Sylvester C.

    I will review my resume tp ensure these tips are covered and if not incorporate them thanks

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