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If you're unhappy with your career, this is a great time to consider changing jobs. As of September 2018, the unemployment rate is low and job openings are plentiful. The financial crisis has slowed down tremendously, so pay rates are competitive, new businesses are sprouting up throughout the United States and many existing businesses are expanding. Your answer to the following questions can help you determine if changing jobs is a good career move.

1. Is Your Job Stressful?

Changing jobs might be a good move if you're overwhelmed with stress. Does it seem like you're always at the office? Do you have an unappreciative, demanding boss? Is your work environment drab and uninspiring? Do you constantly work on short deadlines? Are you simply unhappy with your job? If so, take advantage of 2018's thriving job market and seek a different career path.

2. Are You Underpaid?

In today's job market, it's not difficult to get paid what you're worth, especially if your skills are high in demand. Find out what others are earning for similar jobs by asking around and using resources such as the U.S. Department of Labor website and Salary.com. If you discover that your compensation is too low, consider negotiating a higher salary with your boss. If he doesn't want to increase your pay, it might be time to consider changing jobs.

3. Does Your Company Provide Opportunities for Advancement?

In today's fast-paced society, dead-end jobs should be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, they're not. Don't allow yourself to get stuck working for a stagnant company. If your company isn't expanding its operations and offering advancement opportunities to workers, don't stick around. If you do, you'll likely find yourself working in the same exact position for similar pay in the coming years.

4. Have You Developed New Skills?

Are you learning and growing in your position? Are you learning new skills and gaining new experiences that make you more of an asset to your current and future employers? If not, changing jobs might be a good idea. Performing the same tedious job day after day becomes boring fast. It's important to continuously grow and develop in your position, and your employers should make this possible.

5. Do You Like Your Workmates?

Even if you have a great position with a great organization, the people you work with can make your job miserable. Is your work environment negative? Does your boss play favorites? Do your workmates sabotage your work efforts, slander other workers and gossip frequently? If so, changing jobs in order to maintain your sanity isn't a bad idea.

Changing jobs might be necessary once you discover that your career is heading nowhere. Every job comes with a unique set of challenges, but if you feel unfulfilled and unhappy, make time to seek out alternative career options.

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