Improving Productivity the Fun Way

Michele Warg
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As an administrative assistant, you need to remain at the top of your game at all times, even on days when you don't feel your best. In addition to having the most efficient workspace possible, you must always look for ways to improve productivity because you have tons of everyday responsibilities. Consider using these four fun ways to help you get more out of each workday.

1. Increase Your Typing Speed

A fast typing speed is essential to your work efficiency. Faster typing and touch typing can save you thousands of hours over the span of your career. The average typing speed is 40 words per minute, and if you can double that speed, your typing time is cut in half. Consider using an online typing game to improve productivity.

TypeRacer is a game in which you race against other players as they try to increase their typing speeds. The game uses racing cars fueled by typing. As you type faster, your car goes faster. The faster your car goes, the better chance you have to win the race. Play TypeRacer at home or during breaks to become a faster typist and higher-quality worker in the eyes of your boss and colleagues.

2. Make Everything a Challenge

Motivate yourself to improve productivity by challenging yourself to accomplish specific goals throughout the day and then rewarding yourself for your achievements. Determine what goals you want to accomplish each day. Decide how long you want to spend on each task, and use a timer to keep track. If you accomplish each goal the goal before the timer goes off, reward yourself that evening by spending time with friends or splurging on a favorite food.

3. View Images of Baby Animals

Research suggests that looking at photos of cute baby animals actually boosts your focus. Scientists performed a study on people who saw photos of baby animals before working on a task versus those who didn't. People who viewed photos or videos of baby animals outperformed others on tests that required focus. Try to improve productivity by watching short videos featuring puppies, kittens, chicks or any cute animal before you begin working.

4. Do Fun Things During Breaks

Do things you actually enjoy during breaks to ensure you're actually taking a break from work. Step away from your desk and go for a walk on beautiful days. You can also use your break time to read a few pages of a great book, chat with a friend or meditate. Unplugging from work completely during breaks can help you unwind, which can help you improve productivity when you return to your desk.

Using these fun ways to help you become more productive can make your job easier and less stressful. Also, when you improve productivity at work, your boss is likely to notice and might reward you with a promotion or raise.

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