Interview After Intervew But Still No Offers

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You have a sparkling resume that makes a dynamite first impression, and that leads to many interviews. Unfortunately, your interviews lead to no offers. If you see this pattern in your job search, take a look at these tips for rectifying this frustrating situation.

Selling Yourself Short

You might be the perfect fit for a particular position, but you may not understand how to convey that to the hiring manager. Job candidates must learn how to show employers that they're the perfect fit for the job. Be clear in your passions for the position, and explain why your personality fits perfectly with the role you want. Lastly, let employers know how confident you are about your ability to perform the job. When it's time to make a job offer, employers usually consider candidates who are passionate and confident.

It's also important to have a positive attitude. Wear a smile on your face and let your enthusiasm shine through during phone conversations and interviews. A positive, passionate attitude might cause employers to overlook any perceived shortcomings in your resume.

Lacking Clarity

Know precisely what you want to achieve with your next career move. Employers want this information, and knowing your goals before attending interviews can save you a lot of wasted effort. One common interview question is, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" Come up with an answer to this question before you walk into the interview room.

Reach out to people who are in positions that you want to land as you move up the corporate ladder, and make them a part of your network. Plan a casual lunch or coffee date with these individuals, and obtain as much information as possible about their jobs so you truly get to know what these positions are like. Your networking contacts can also put you in touch with hiring managers within your industry.

Not Fitting in Culturally

You may not be a cultural fit for the company. For example, you might have visible tattoos or piercings that conservative employers might frown upon. Or, your resume might paint you as the ideal candidate, but your personality may be either too outgoing or reserved for the company. Hiring someone with the right look and personality is sometimes just as important as hiring someone with the right skills.

Alleviate this problem by finding out exactly what the employer wants in a candidate. Research sites like Glassdoor, and speak to members of your network. If you already know that the employer does not fit your look or personality, keep looking. A little extra effort early in the process can save a lot of energy later.

After going through many interviews and getting no offers, you may find yourself frustrated. Take these three tips to heart, and see if your outlook changes. All of these ideas help improve your personal brand, and that can increase your chances of finding the perfect job.

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