Is Your Company Trying to Get Rid of You?

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When cowardly employers want to avoid the hassle of firing you outright, they use underhanded tactics to motivate you to quit your job. You could be the unlucky target of a managerial change, a member of a protected class or someone the company sees as obsolete. Whatever the case, your days of employment are likely numbered. Watch for telltale signs your boss wants you to quit your job, so you can find better opportunities.

1. Your Assignments Are Vanishing

Employers scramble to reassign long-term or high-stakes projects when they expect you to quit your job. One moment, you're drowning in assignments, and then, you're suddenly stuck doing grunt work.

Take a look around at your colleagues. If their workloads have increased while yours diminished, it's a red flag that your major projects were redistributed. Your boss doesn't want to risk a drop in quality or come across disorganized to clients by delivering inconsistent performance.

2. You Were Covertly Demoted

Unless your whole department is getting revamped, be suspicious of unannounced changes to your job title or description. Were you given a new position with no pay raise or celebration? Are you further than ever from your desired career track? Sadly, the boss is extinguishing your future with the company and likely grooming someone else to take your place.

3. Your Work Relationships Changed Without Warning

Have you noticed higher-ups and friendly acquaintances steering clear of you at work? Chances are, some of your co-workers know what's happening and feel uncomfortable interacting with you.

Spineless managers try to avoid confrontation at any cost, and instead, they use passive-aggressive behavior to make you feel unwelcome. Your boss might even talk to other employees about wanting you to quit your job, hoping the gossip gets back to you. Beware of unexplained silence from colleagues, who may be keeping an impartial distance to prepare for your dismissal.

4. You're in a Hostile Work Environment

Not all cowards take the passive approach. Intimidation is the default strategy for some managers, who may become openly aggressive and try to fill your days with misery. Perhaps, your boss is constantly looking over your shoulder or criticizing everything you do. Maybe, he belittles you in front of other people or purposely excludes you from key meetings and social interactions.

Most importantly, is this hostile work environment a recent development? Start worrying if your boss's toxic energy is new and primarily focused on you. It could be a sign of serious systemic problems when your professional value quickly plunges at work, but it's more likely your manager wants you to quit your job.

5. You Were Sent to Siberia

If your new workspace is a dungeon that doubles as a storage room, it's pretty clear your boss doesn't think your presence is beneficial to the team. Coupled with a loss of responsibility, being stuffed in a glorified closet should sound alarms. The company is moving forward without you, and the boss is simply waiting for you to catch on.

Don't let an insensitive boss force you into unemployment. Use your time wisely to job hunt, so you can maintain financial stability and leave on your own terms. Has an employer ever tried to make you quit your job? How did you cope? Share in the comments.

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