Is Your Resume Dull?

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If your resume is dull, you might be missing out on job opportunities. Hiring managers often browse stacks of resumes every day, and it's easy to overlook a dull resume. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to improve your resume so you can stand out from the other applicants and land the job of your dreams.

Make Your Resume Scannable

Too much information can work against you. Improve your resume by removing every bit of fluff, leaving only the most essential details. This shows that you value the reader's time and helps them gain a clear perspective of what you bring to the table. If possible, try to keep all of your information on one page. Also, use bullet points instead of large blocks of text. You usually don't need to write a full sentence to make your point.

Update the Layout and Font

If you're going to improve your resume, you may need to think beyond just its content. Never underestimate the power of an attractive, outside-the-box job resume to help you get some attention. Of course, you want to keep it professional, but using a different font or a unique layout might encourage the hiring manager to take notice.

Put the Essential Information at the Top

While you do want to make sure all of your skills, experience, and achievements are made known, you also want the hiring manager to see the most important attributes first. This is important because many hiring managers only glance at each resume for a few seconds at a time. Your skills and experience are the most important details, so put those at the top. The bottom can be reserved for your education and any relevant extracurricular activities.

Include Pertinent Details

Although you can improve your resume by making it more succinct, adding some relevant details is a good idea. It's all about finding that balance between too short and too long. For example, if you were a store manager at your previous job and, now you're applying for an accounting position, you could mention how you were in charge of handling money and counting registers. The key to finding employment is selling yourself as the best possible choice.

Cater Your Resume to Each Individual Organization

The best resume for one position isn't always ideal for another. Instead of having just one killer resume, why not improve your resume specifically for each job for which you're applying? For example, you could browse a company's website and incorporate key phrases and buzz words that make you sound like an ideal fit. You can include the most relevant experience that pertains to the job you're hoping to get. Just like you should always write a fresh cover letter for each job, you should also tweak your resume.

One of the best ways to improve your resume is to compare it to high-quality resumes and make important changes. When in doubt, there's nothing wrong with seeking professional assistance. After all, your resume is the key to finding employment and can unlock many doors in the future.

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