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Job search success doesn't just happen. You need to make it happen! But what a wonderful future awaits you when you do. A new job ... greater work satisfaction ... a bigger paycheck! Okay, stop fantasizing and let's get to work on achieving this goal for you. I've worked with many clients who've overcome major hurdles to make their career dreams come true. Stephanie had a demanding job that she loved, working as general counsel until the company hired a new CEO. She and the new boss didn't click at all and he began to push her out. She was miserable and feared losing her job. Rather than wait to be fired, she set her sights on a new job. We created a new compelling resume, practiced interviewing, and developed a strategy emphasizing her top strengths. Indeed, she landed a dream job with a $25,000 raise. Matt wanted to get an interesting job and live in Europe. A recent graduate from college, he had a limited amount of work experience. Determination, along with a superb resume, an effective cover letter, and practiced interviewing skills, earned him the opportunity to move to Paris. Tanya, a hurricane Katrina survivor and college registrar sought me out after the college president closed the doors for good. She HAD to job hunt. But the type of job she performs is rare. Most colleges have only one person in that role. She targeted Atlanta, but only thirty such jobs existed in the Atlanta area. She had a needle-in-a-haystack chance of finding the right position. We created a topnotch resume that really emphasized her talents, strengths and skills, and we groomed her for the interview. I was thrilled as I read her email that said, "I got the job!!!" If she can be successful in overcoming horrific circumstances and against all odds, you can do it too. GOALS are the secret to accomplishing great things. These guidelines will help foster your success. •Set your goal. Write it down, along with your list of specific, measurable objectives. Set a deadline for obtaining your goal. Outline everything you need to do to achieve your goal -- step by step. Be specific: state the job, title, and salary you are going after. Be realistic but aim high. Identify what obstacles you will need to overcome and note how you'll overcome them, and make a list of people who might be able to help you. •Know what you want. Employers are being flooded with unqualified people applying for everything under the sun. Clearly define the type of job you want. Do some self analysis. Determine what accomplishments, strengths, and skills you possess that will be most appealing to a potential employer and focus on promoting those. •Learn what is effective. Don't waste time on websites like Monster, or in sending out generic resumes and cover letters that don't work. Your resume may get only a 15-second glance, so be sure it is easy to read and offers a strong summary of qualifications. You must get the employer to notice you with four to six sentences that encapsulate your top skills and experience. Your resume must have ACTIONS=RESULTS statements to capture attention. There are great websites listing good job openings. Try your professional association's website, and go to my website where I've listed high-quality sites that can help you find openings. •Be prepared to ace the interview. Write out answers to potential questions. Develop specific examples of past work experience so you can handle those tough situational questions like, "Describe a mistake you made that your boss criticized you for." Rehearse your answers and keep them brief. Employers lose interest fast so never talk more than 60 seconds when responding to a question. If you want to test how well you'd do in an interview. •Picture your success. The American Psychologists Association noted that writing out and envisioning a goal's outcome does lead to its success. So today you must do something -- anything -- to get started. You can only fail if you never try. Give these job search tips your best effort and success will be yours! Copyright 2007 Robin Ryan. All rights reserved.

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    Stacey Beck
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