Job Interviews Have Changed; Are You Prepared?

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While a job interview is still an important part of the hiring process, the nature of those first meetings with employers has changed significantly over time. Many times, your face-to-face meeting is not the first time your employer has a chance to ask about your qualifications, and face-to-face is also defined differently with the evolution of technology. Prepare yourself for interview questions and the ever-changing nature of interviews with these tips.

Know the Capabilities of Modern Technology

The days of traveling hours or days to attend a job interview are over. Many companies employ video technology over Skype or Google Hangout to simplify interviews while making it possible to meet with candidates from all over the world. Know how to use the latest applications and software so that technological difficulties do not stand in your way of meeting virtually with an employer. Practice using the technology prior to your interview date so that you can work out any issues before the big day.

Prepare for Assessments

Employers want tangible evidence that you possess the skills necessary to complete the job. Before your job interview, compile sample work to showcase your skills and achievements. Build a website to further display your overall success that may include marketing campaigns, sales numbers and charts or even graphic design work. Establish yourself as a professional online way before you meet an employer face-to-face, because employers actively search online profiles before determining which candidate to interview.

Use Online Tools to Research

It's unacceptable, with the availability of information online, for applicants to show up to an interview unprepared. Spend time during your job search researching the company's productivity, performance, products, services and achievements. Explore the company's website, social media profiles and news releases. Use this information to craft interview questions that display your knowledge and allow you to uncover information about the company that is not readily available. Expand your online professional network to include individuals who currently work for the company so you can make connections before the job interview that may ultimately help get your foot in the door at the company.

Strive for a Compelling Strategy

Competition for jobs in the modern world has also changed. In addition to other applicants who have applied just like you did, you are also competing with staffing companies, professional recruiters representing applicants and outsourcing agencies. This increased competition should motivate you to do your best before, during and after the job interview. Compile a list of your skills, accomplishments and volunteer work related to the industry so it is clear that you are the ideal candidate for the job.

Put your best foot forward during a job interview by embracing modern technologies that have changed the hiring process. Know the ins and outs of video conferencing software, craft professional online profiles and connect with professionals in the field to increase your chances of a job offer.

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