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Logistics is one of those age old professions, where no matter how things change, they still stay the same. The challenges of moving goods and services from one place to another using a set amount of resources in the most efficient way is a dilemma that we, as humans, have always faced. Even in the early days of man, the first tools and equipment our ancestors created were either tools for hunting or ways to transport large game, people or supplies.

In the high tech, highly connected world we live in, we are still limited by the same challenges. For me, I recently ordered some clothes from a website, I was given a tracking number for my package and now I can't stop refreshing the page, as if that will help it get here faster. UPS says on their site that they love logistics and so do I, and I have accepted the fact that until the technology to beam it to me is developed, I will just have to be patient.

I know, it could always be worse. There are times when what needs to be moved and the resources available can make even the best best of us scratch their heads. So in honor of that, here are some very funny photos of guerillas logistics.

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