Look for These 10 Signs That the Interview Went Well

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After the interview, it can be nerve-wrecking wondering if you did a good enough job to impress your potential employer. While there's no sure-fire way to know if you actually got the job, there are several common signals that let you know you're on the right track.

1. You Get Lots of Extra Details

If the interviewer begins talking in major detail about the position or about challenges the company is facing, it usually means he's seriously considering you for the job. Otherwise, he would have stuck to the basic interview script.

2. The Interviewer Uses Your Name

Telemarketers and salespeople are often taught that the way to increase engagement with someone is by repeating that person's name. So, if you notice the interviewer using your name more than once, it means he is trying to engage with you and increase your interest in the position.

3. The Interview Doesn't Feel Like an Interview

If the interview starts to feel less like an interrogation and more like a natural conversation, that's a great sign that you're connecting with the interviewer, and he is engaged with your responses.

4. You Meet the Team

Meeting your potential co-workers is typically not a standard part of the interview process, so if you're taken around the building to meet everyone, consider it a very good sign that the company sees you as a good fit within the organization.

5. He Asks for References

References are a standard part of the hiring process, but it takes time to reach out and communicate with them. Therefore, most employers typically don't begin reaching out to your references unless they're seriously considering you for a position.

6. Nonverbal Signals

Check for nonverbal cues from the interviewer: good eye contact, leaning toward you, smiling and taking notes are all indicators the interviewer is genuinely interested in what you have to say.

7. You Discuss a Transition

If the hiring manager asks about the length of time you need or other details involved in moving on from your current employer, it's a good sign that he is seriously considering hiring you. Employers don't typically request this kind of information until they are down to a short list of top candidates.

8. You Discuss Salary

Salary is often considered a taboo interview subject, but if the hiring manager initiates a conversation about money, go with it. It usually means he is really thinking about hiring you. Try to give a salary range instead of a fixed number to improve your chances even further.

9. The Interview Runs Long

An interviewer who isn't worried about the interview running over is an engaged and interested interviewer. Let the conversation flow for as long as it flows. You're making an impression!

10. Second Interview

If you leave the interview with a future appointment time to come back, that's a sure-fire sign that you impressed the interviewer enough to make it to the next round in the hiring process.

There's never a sure way to know whether you got the job until you actually receive an offer from the employer, but these 10 signs are good indicators of an interview done well. If you experience any of these during or after the interview, rest assured you did a great job and made a real impression.

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