Make Sure All of Your Concerns Are Addressed Before You Accept the Job

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You have tons of reasons to accept the job offer on the table in front of you. The money is great, the benefits package is substantial and you landed a job after months of searching. Then, that gut feeling creeps in that you should have checked over the contract you signed a bit closer before putting your signature and returning it. Examine these 10 concerns you should address before committing to a new job.

1. Pay

Always know your pay structure and compensation package before you accept the job. The bottom-line number should be clear, but make sure you also check the pay scale as you look forward to the coming years in terms of promotions, performance bonuses and raises.

2. Working Hours

Your boss expects you to be at your desk by a particular time every morning and leave at a specified time every evening. Your contract should clearly spell this out as part of your daily job duties. Knowing your hours before you accept the job lets you develop a daily routine.

3. Flexible Schedule

Similarly, to your regular work hours, negotiate any special days where you may need to make it to a night class or pick up your kids from school early.

4. Travel

Ask about any travels you may do with regards to this job. Travel might entail going to a branch office in the region, on the other side of the country or overseas. You may need to meet with clients and customers face to face from time to time.


Read the company policy about mobile devices. Does your boss or the IT department give you a company cellphone, or do you need to bring your own?

6. Evaluations

Know when to expect evaluations before you accept the job. Some bosses like weekly check-ins on a certain day, while others still stick to the traditional annual review model. Your supervisor should outline precisely when and how he reviews your performance.

7. Homework

Depending on your level of responsibility, your manager may ask you to take work home with you. In this era of cloud computing, smartphone apps and logging in from laptops, you should know before you accept the job if your employer expects you to work from home.

8. Attire

You dressed formally for the interview, but that doesn't mean business formal is the dress code of the day. The employee handbook, as part of your contract, spells out what you should wear to the office every day. This gives you some time to pick out a wardrobe if you need to do so.

9. Telecommuting

Some days, it might be more convenient for you to work from home as a telecommuter. Know ahead of time if this is an option for snow days, sick days or the kids-are-at-home days.

10. Big Picture

Understand your role within the company and how your position helps your employer reach strategic goals. That way, you know what part you play in the larger picture, and it lets you see if your position is exactly what you expect after doing your research.

Address these 10 concerns before you accept the job to avoid surprises. The contract you see in front of you isn't set in stone if you want to negotiate something before signing it.

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