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A stressful company culture can significantly impact productivity and profitability, not to mention the health of employees. Workplace stress can also cause employee dissatisfaction, which can be reflected in how clients and customers are served on a daily basis. Ensure your workplace environment is positive and productive by eliminating high-pressure work encounters.

Often, employees feel as if they have no control over their jobs, which can lead to extreme workplace stress. Supervisors and executives can improve company culture by making employees feel valued. Find a balance between constructive criticism to improve job performance and praise to reward initiative. Acknowledge creative ideas so employees feel appreciated, which ultimately reduces the amount of stress to be dealt with on a day-to-day basis.

Employees can reduce workplace stress themselves by engaging in relaxation techniques throughout the day. Take a deep breath when you feel overwhelmed and focus on acting versus reacting when the pressure is high. Realize that you cannot control the actions of others, and take a brief break to clear your head and engage in deep breathing to maintain a healthy heart rate and stress level when tensions are high. Increase your mobility to release endorphins periodically by stretching, taking a brief walk or climbing the stairs to improve overall mental well-being to reduce the impact of stressful situations.

Eliminate interruptions throughout the day to improve productivity and promote a sense of accomplishment. Schedule a 20-minute period for finishing a task by shutting down e-mails or phone lines if possible to provide an uninterrupted and more productive set time period. Although some interruptions are unavoidable, it is useful to try to set specific office hours for pop-ins from co-workers or employees to reduce distractions, suggests Jenna Goudreau with Forbes. An employee who feels more accomplished and is able to meet deadlines may experience less workplace stress.

Take care of yourself personally to reduce the effects of overwhelming on-the-job stress. Allow for ample sleep during the night to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the work day. Adopt a healthy lifestyle by incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Eat high-protein foods and decrease your sugar intake to ward off that sleepy sensation late in the afternoon. An employee who is physically and mentally healthy may be more prepared to cope with workplace stress in a positive manner. A healthy mental state can also help ward off feelings of panic and anxiety when under pressure. Avoid negative thoughts and critique rather than criticize your own work.

It may be impossible to dodge workplace stress entirely, but employees who find methods to clear their heads, refocus and maintain optimal physical and mental well-being are better equipped to handle challenges. Focus on the positive and your performance may improve, which will benefit both yourself and the company.

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