Mastering These 11 Interview Tricks Will Pay Off

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Once you complete your resume and cover letter, you'll likely begin sending these documents to employers right away. Soon, hiring managers may begin calling to set up a job interview. Once you get a call, it's time to prepare for the meeting. Master these 11 job interview tricks to boost your chances of landing the position.

1. Clear Your Mind

It's important to exude confidence during a job interview, and entering this first meeting with a clear mind free from doubts or fears helps greatly. While you may still be nervous, pay close attention to your body language and walk in with your head held high.

2. Start the Conversation Out on the Right Note

Brainstorm some conversation starters before meeting with the employer. Keep the opening topic light. Consider commenting on the weather, the company's recent success or even the stylish office decor.

3. Prepare Interview Questions

You are expected to ask questions toward the end of the interview. Research the company thoroughly prior to the meeting, and preparing questions related to your research and the position.

4. Remain Poised

Your body language speaks volumes, so do your best to control any nervous ticks or fidgeting. Refrain from wearing accessories that prompt you to fidget, such as long necklaces or large bracelets.

5. Research Salary Averages

While salary negotiations commonly occur after a job offer, you may be asked about your salary expectations during the job interview. Do your research ahead of time to determine an average, and consult with professional members of your network so that you do not overshoot or underestimate your skills.

6. Slow Down the Conversation

It's common for applicants to start talking fast when they are nervous. Be mindful of your speech, and slow it down if necessary. Think critically about how to answer each question, and take advantage of the pauses to brainstorm responses.

7. Stay Focused

Avoid rambling on about your skills and experiences. Keep your answers concise and brief, so the hiring manager has more time to ask additional questions.

8. Show Your Eagerness

Let the manager know you're ready and able to start the job as soon as possible. If you're required to complete two more weeks at your current job, tell the hiring manager you want to begin as your current job ends. This demonstrates your eagerness and excitement about the opportunity.

9. Identify Your Professional Goals

Make a list of your career goals prior to the job interview. Identify what you are looking for in a company and a position to ensure any incoming offers after the interview are in line with your financial and professional goals.

10. Inquire About Next Steps

Ask the interviewer what you should expect after the job interview. Make it clear that you are eager to start and able to adapt quickly.

11. Follow-up Professionally

Send an email thanking the hiring manager for his time. This brief correspondence should provide an overview of your qualifications and express your appreciation for the interview.

Landing and attending a job interview can be challenging, but if you follow these important tips, you can outshine the other candidates, and hopefully, nab a job offer.

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