Mentoring Programs Can Help Guide Hospitality Careers

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Careers in the tourism industry can be rough to manage. There's lots of mobility and career paths can zig-zag faster than those of a "B" list actor. Workers can be immersed in a management post one year, then shift to a hands-on line position the next.

Frequent intra-company, inter-company, and inter-industry career moves have put many workers on alert that they really do need some advice and mentoring help. Career management takes on a whole new meaning in this volatile industry.

Unlike some industries, the arrow-straight career paths once embraced by older workers have been replaced by movement and change. Traditional career paradigms, in which careers were managed jointly by "the company" and the individual, have given way to careers that are solely the responsibility of the individual.

Workers who feel it's time for a mentor to help them guide their careers might want to look into Hospitality Mentor, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping minorities and other underrepresented groups in the hospitality, tourism, and food service industries.

Hospitality Mentor uses e-mentoring, professional development workshops, and the support of educational initiatives to help hospitality students and corporate professionals steer their careers to success. Hospitality students and professionals are teamed with experienced industry veterans and educators to cultivate educational, supportive, and lasting relationships. Additional services include leading development workshops, updating members on industry news and trends via newsletters, social media, and live web-casts, and encouraging support networks among future hospitality professionals and skilled industry leaders. Check out Hospitality Mentor for a complete list of services.

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