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You've probably gone on your fair share of face-to-face interviews, but you may not be as familiar with video interviews. Many employers use video interviews as an opportunity to narrow down the applicant pool without calling candidates into the office. If you just landed a video interview and need to prepare, consider these 8 tips.

1. Prepare Your Interview Space

Choose the best location in your home to conduct the interview, such as a home office. Make sure the background is uncluttered and looks professional. Also, make sure the space is quiet and well-lit on the day of your video interview.

2. Familiarize Yourself With the Equipment

Whether you're using a video camera, tablet, laptop with a built-in camera or desktop computer with a webcam attached, make sure you're comfortable with the technology. You don't want to fumble with power buttons or experience technical difficulties during your video interview.

3. Get Plenty of Practice

Prepare for your video interview by calling a friend or family member using your video equipment. Determine an appropriate speaking volume and ask for feedback on your body language. This also gives you an opportunity to test out your equipment.

4. Dress for the Interview

Wear the same type of attire you would wear for a face-to-face interview. Dress professionally from head to toe. While the interviewer isn't likely to see your choice of footwear, it's all a part of the package you present, and wearing the proper attire helps to boost your confidence.

5. Avoid Distractions

Make sure your interview area is free of distractions during your scheduled video interview time. Remind family or roommates to stay out of the room, turn off radios or televisions and mute the ringer on all phones.

6. Gather the Right Materials

Have anything you may need to reference in front of you during the interview. This includes a copy of the job description, your resume and a reference list. Keep a list of questions you want to ask the hiring manager, and jot down notes with the key points you want to hit during your conversation.

7. Prove You're the Best Candidate

As you respond to each question asked by the hiring manager, explain why you're the best choice for the position. Describe how your goals align with the company's mission, and explain how your past achievements prove how you can bring value to the hiring organization.

8. Maintain Eye Contact

As you speak, look directly into the camera rather than staring at the computer screen. This helps you maintain eye contact with the interviewer.

A video interview isn't entirely different from a face-to-face interview, but there are a few areas you should consider before the big moment rolls around. With these 8 tips, you should be well on your way to making a great first impression.

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