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Companies spend a great deal of money in marketing strategies to woo business contacts in. The next step is to keep in touch with these hard-won clients by contacting them on a regular basis. It doesn't matter if you're a startup operation or an established company—you need customers to survive. It is much easier to maintain current relationships than to try to rebuild each time. In addition, the cost of maintaining customers and business contacts in comparison to going after new ones is relatively cheap.

Say thanks to business contacts that consistently come back to you. Think of creative ways to make old clients remember you; host a thank you dinner, or offer a discount for future services. Showing your appreciation will help boost your customer service, but it will also help to enhance your image. When past business clients think of you in a favorable light, not only will they come to you when they need your services again but they will also provide you with references to help boost sales and help you gain new customers.

Look at your business clients as a lifelong relationship, and treat them as you would treat a valued friend. Learn more about their lives by asking how family members are or what events are going on, and follow up on your services to see if there is anything else you can do for your clients. Keep track of who you have talked to and when, and make phone calls to existing business contacts at least once a month. You've spent a lot of money to attract the customer to you, so it's important to continue investing in communication.

There are a wide variety of ways to keep in touch with business contacts. Create an ezine, send out email newsletters, make phone calls, or send a thank-you card as a reminder you appreciate their business. Personal notes and handwritten letters usually get read and get noticed. Just make sure, if you add someone to a regular ezine or newsletter that you have permission. It's illegal to add someone to a list otherwise. If you build a solid relationship with someone and know your business contacts well, you can also stop in to see them in person to discuss new and upcoming events. Just remember that each time you stay in touch, you are building an image of your company.

Staying in touch with business contacts helps you build your brand and expand your customer base. Every communication you make is relevant to your growth and success, so spend time developing old and new relationships alike. In return, you will turn a stack of names into personal lifelong relationships.


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