Older Job Seekers Should Consider These Occupations

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Even though more and more baby boomers are reaching retirement age in 2018, a survey from CareerBuilder shows that as many as 53 percent of workers over the age of 60 say they are postponing their retirement. Older job seekers may keep a position just to stay active, to earn more money or simply to have a less-demanding job. Take a look at these occupations dominated by an older workforce.

U.S. Government Data

The U.S. government maintains a wealth of labor statistics, and it compiled a list of jobs with the highest percentage of older job seekers. In 2018, at least 23 percent of the workforce was age 55 or older. That's a huge number compared to the overall labor market, and older workers bring valuable experience, wisdom, diversity and loyalty to an employer. Combine these traits with a low-stress job, and you've got a winning combination if you're an older person looking for work.

1. Crossing Guards

Crossing guards help pedestrian and vehicular traffic navigate busy intersections, particularly near schools. Up to 57 percent of the 74,500 crossing guards in the United States are 55 and older, and the part-time hours are perfect for older job seekers just looking to stay active a few hours per day.

2. School Bus Drivers

Similarly, older job seekers 55 and above make up around 47 percent of the 515,500 bus drivers in America. Bus drivers have seasonal, part-time employment helping get school kids home safely.

3. Clergy

Around 50 percent of the 278,350 clergy members in the United States are older workers. These people are religious, faith-based leaders of congregations.

4. Urban Bus Drivers

Bus drivers for public transportation follow daily schedules and routes while taking people from one location to another. As many as 45 percent of the 182,500 bus drivers are 55 and above.

5. Product Promoters

Older job seekers who want to continue to have a job in retail can find positions as product promoters and demonstrators. Up to 44 percent of the 101,600 product promoters are 55 and up.

6. Music Directors

Music directors lead orchestras, choirs and bands that perform live and make recordings. A full 43 percent of 71,150 music directors are 55 and older.

7. Psychologists

Psychologists in various fields study how humans react to their emotional, cognitive and social processes to gain a better understanding of how people relate to one another. Of the 168,650 psychologists, 40 percent are 55 and up.

8. Construction Inspectors

Construction and building inspectors make sure projects are up to code, fulfill stated contracts and don't break laws. As many as 42 percent of this field is dominated by older employees.

9. Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs

Taking individuals from one place to another in a cab or limo requires knowledge of local areas and city streets. Up to 39 percent of the 353,000 taxi drivers and chauffeurs are 55 and older.

10. Property Managers

Property managers take care of residential, industrial and commercial real estate by maintaining the grounds and collecting rent. More than one-third, or 38 percent, of property managers are 55 and up.

Older job seekers have plenty of opportunities for employment. Take a look at these occupations if you want to stay active as you approach your sunset years.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Norman W thanks for your comment. You can always set up an alert for work from home jobs. At the top of your account, you will see a textbox for Job Title or Keywords. That's where you can type in work from home. Then click on the Advanced icon and set it up so that you are using "Exact phrase". That should help to alleviate you from receiving unwanted emails. But even better than that is just logging on to your account and do your own search. Not all work from home positions will be listed as "work from home". Some will be telecommute or virtual or remote. So you might want to set up more than one alert so that you don't miss out on any opportunities. Be careful, though, and make sure that you really check the company out prior to applying. And never pay for a job! There are some very devious folks out there.

  • Norman W.
    Norman W.

    How do I get ONLY work from Home jobs? I am a care giver for my mother so I must be there all the time. Even though most of the time I will not be doing anything. And I need an income. HELP

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @John M thanks for your comment. So sorry you are having these difficulties. I, too, hear about the record low employment and how there are more jobs are available than job seekers. Well, the only way the government has of tracking those who are unemployed is if they are still receiving unemployment. Once that is done, they fall off of the records. No one wants to say that but that is the truth. The government has no way of knowing how many people are unemployed - not in truth. So don't believe the numbers or the hype. John, are you reaching out to former colleagues? Networking? Sometimes that's the best way - especially in government type work where a TS is needed. Do you still want to do that kind of work? If not, maybe take that clearance off of your resume and go for non-government type jobs. Look for a different type of recruiter - one that does not deal with government type jobs. I know it's hard because that's what you were used to. Have you also considered going in a different direction? Take your skills and knowledge and put them to work say at teaching? Or take one aspect of the work you used to do and go for a position just for that. For example, I know of a gentlemen who worked most of his life in the secret service. When he retired, he wanted to continue along the same lines and he did for a few years but then things changed. He ended up doing background checks for others who needed TS. But he never stopped looking. Turns out that, by networking through this current position, he was able to finally land his dream job. He is 61. So it's not impossible.

  • John M.
    John M.

    I keep hearing about the booming economy and the near-record low unemployment, but I can't seem to get a single interview, even though I'm signed up with six different recruiters. Could be because I'm 64 years old, or it could be that I don't currently have an ACTIVE security clearance, when I've had two TS clearances in the past. Any counseling or advise would be deeply appreciated.

  • David W.
    David W.

    Interesting list however it has been difficult to land a behavioral medicine job though I have 35+ years experience. I am seeking full time employment preferably with benefits. In the interim I'm working part time to keep my self busy and keep skills sharp.

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Kristi K thanks for your comment. Sorry these aren't what you are looking for. Some of them are part-time but, for the most part, these are all full-time jobs. These are just some suggestions. That doesn't mean that there isn't a job out there for you. Login to your account and do a search to find a position that fits your needs. All the best.

  • Kristi K.
    Kristi K.

    I found this list to be extremely unhelpful. I am 57, looking for full time employment. Most of the jobs listed are either part time jobs, or careers that require extensive training and experience.

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Deborah W thanks for your comment. So very sorry. I have to agree that they should be ashamed if they indicate that they hire for diversity but then really don't! But don't give up. There are companies who actually do what they say!!!

  • Deborah W.
    Deborah W.

    This advise sounds & looks great on paper....However I am finding out no matter how many years experience.... getting an employer to hire a disabled senior citizen has not been at all satisfactory! Over 30 years experience data entry, customer service, computer knowledge, very few employers will even talk with a potential employee, much less give them a chance. This is sad, heart wrenching and very FRUSTRATING. I don't want to live off someone else, or with a family member but retirement planning only goes so far. Shame on employers who say they hire handicapped & seniors.

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Matthew P thanks for your comment. So sorry for your circumstances. It's tough to lose a job when you have had it for as long as you did. Have you tried going through a recruiter who specializes in PR/Advertising? Sometimes that's the best way to get your foot in the door again. In the meantime, try looking for a freelance position. Not the best because you have to track everything and be prepared to pay your taxes but it might get you into a permanent position. All the best.

  • Matthew P.
    Matthew P.

    I'm 56 and looking for a job for the first time in 19 years. I lost my job in advertising with a retailer that was liquidated. I'm trying to keep my career in advertising/PR going, but if I can't land a position (right now I can't even land an interview) within the next month I may resort to something like house sitting or dog walking or personal care.

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    Thanks for the comments. @James Hugh B. you are absolutely right. That is what our social marketing was before everything went crazy online with FB, Twitter, Instagram and the like. Personal service. Friendly service. @Faye R it is true that it could be a great opportunity for companies to hire the older worker because the transaction will be more personal. Makes the company look friendly and approachable.

  • Faye R.
    Faye R.

    Oh, yes the independent agent for older workers allows people the opportunity and flexibility, with organic grassroots to help improve the company's bottom line, sales growth, with people, products and services the company has to offer. By helping people obtain honest discounts, offer more products and services to meet their needs daily, a various forms of payment options to include cash, credit/debit cards, merchant services for online purchases and more to improve availability to the customers with improved performance of knowledgeable sales agents commission based sales positions to improve helping everybody concerned and is also an excellent choice for older sales agents. This makes a successful opportunity for the companies, agents and the customers involved.

  • James B.
    James B.

    Independent sales is an excellent job older job seekers. As experienced, knowledgeable and customer oriented individuals, working at a commission based sales position offers more opportunity to work with people and product or service sales that we are more inclined to identify with and thus become more successful. Just look at the opportunity to help people obtain an honest discounted piece for product that meet their everyday needs like Apparel, shoes, boots, coffee, merchant services, specialty advertising. Being an independent agent as an older worker allows people the opportunity to supplement their income, enjoy being active and working with customers that become friends and provide you with organic grassroots advertising to help grow your sales. Isn’t this what social marketing was back before Our current social marketing online programs.

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