Overcoming Struggles in Partnering With Your Boss

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It is no secret that the role of an administrative assistant is demanding, fast-paced and hectic at times. Partnering with your boss to complete projects, provide support and organize tasks is one of the most common workplace challenges. Seek out strategies to find a balance within your position to accommodate your needs, your boss' needs and the needs of the company as a whole.

One of the most common workplace challenges for an administrative assistant is communication with superiors, explains Joan Burge with Office Dynamics. You have a busy schedule and your boss is likely rushing from one meeting to the next. It may be difficult to nail down a time to discuss upcoming meetings, events on the calendar or information you need to disseminate to employees.

The underlying problem with a lack of communication between an administrative assistant and an executive is the executive may not always view support staff as partners. Executives who delegate tasks, make time for their assistants and communicate daily schedules have the potential to increase productivity and profits. An assistant also has the potential to provide insight and suggestions for improving processes and procedures when bosses communicate effectively.

Get on the Same Page

Instead of allowing frustration to take over, request a daily huddle with your boss so the two of you are on the same page. Stress the importance of taking five to 10 minutes of the day to review important information and details about schedules that eliminates the need to follow up continuously throughout the day. Explain to your boss that you need to be his partner to efficiently support his efforts.

Engender Trust

A working partnership between an administrative assistant and an executive relies on trust. Seek out more information to reassure your boss that you have the ability to organize the daily schedule, take on additional responsibilities and understand the scope of a project. Ask for clarification on tasks, identify expectations of projects and request an overview of your expected contributions on a regular basis. Assistants who ask more questions have the potential to perform better at their jobs and take initiative in the workplace.

An administrative assistant must also prove the workload is manageable. Assess your time management skills and determine strategies to multitask when needed. Expect each day to be different; project timelines can change in a moment's notice. Be flexible on the job to show you are a reliable partner for your boss

An administrative assistant who can organize, prioritize and manage time for an executive is an asset to the department and company as a whole. Show you have what it takes by asking questions, clarifying your role and listening to the expectations of your supervisor.

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