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Work naturally seems to slip away when focus is lost during the day. Paperwork piles up, bills and ledgers continue to clutter your desk, and demands from higher management seem never-ending. Improve productivity by thinking proactively when approaching tasks and projects. The key to stepping up your game is to find effective strategies to overcome procrastination and reignite your passion for your career.

Plan actions in advance to improve productivity and deter distractions in the workplace. Think critically about the tasks piling up in your queue to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Write down a list of tasks and break larger tasks into smaller, bite-sized chunks so you feel a sense of accomplishment when crossing each task off the list. A detailed schedule and list also help you get organized and allow you to focus energy on knocking out responsibilities each day.

Take frequent breaks to clear your mind and stretch your body throughout the day to improve productivity. Step back and put some space between yourself and the workload to ease the feeling of being overwhelmed. A brief walk around the office to clear your head often helps to overcome procrastination and re-energize during a hectic day.

Consult with co-workers, bosses and employees to gain new perspectives. Employees tend to conduct business in a comfortable manner that may not be efficient. Grasp new strategies, tactics and procedures to improve productivity by soliciting advice from the experts and professionals within your industry. Change old and non-productive patterns and gain new insight with the help of your co-workers to accomplish tasks more effectively.

You can often achieve a clear mind with adequate rest. Avoid taking work home with you just to stay afloat. Your brain needs time to recover and refuel for the next day's tasks. Adequate sleep can help you refocus to jump-start a new workday.

Those workday slumps and distractions can seem unbearable when recognition is nonexistent. Employee recognition is often an ignored aspect in the workplace, but researchers have linked recognition with enhanced productivity. Improve productivity in the workplace by seeking intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Recognize co-workers and employees with compliments to build morale and exhibit professional behavior that makes you feel important on the job. Workplaces with recognition programs that provide incentives for employees often produce workers who closely follow company procedures, pay attention to customer needs and spot potential problems, ensuring returns on investment.

Strategies to improve productivity provide the fuel for employees to plow through daily tasks and find motivation when feeling overwhelmed. Recognize the internal and external rewards within your position, take care of your mental and physical well-being and seek innovative ways to produce your best work on the job to inspire productive and successful performance.


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