Revamp Your Career These 6 Ways

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You're bored at your job. You're even considering getting a new job or switching careers altogether. Discover these six ways to revamp your career or start over in an entirely new field depending on what you want to do.

1. Think First

Think about why you reached this point in the first place when you feel like you must revamp your career. Understand you're not alone, because a Gallup poll indicates up to 51 percent of employees feel disengaged at work for various reasons.

Start your inner reflection by writing, journaling, taking aptitude tests or just talking with your friends and loved ones. The point of thinking about your situation is to determine your next steps. Make a list that shows what you must have in your career versus any deal breakers that might make you move onto a better opportunity. In a highly competitive job market, there are plenty of employers looking for workers if landing a new job is a high priority when you revamp your career.

2. Obtain More Skills

Perhaps your skill set is a little rusty in your own field, or you require new skills as you switch fields. Determine the top-level skills you need for success in your new field or position. Hard skills are important, such as learning how to use software or some kind of technical expertise, but do not neglect soft skills such as communication, collaboration and leadership.

3. Tap Into Your Network

You spent years building a viable network for you to rely on when it comes to landing your next job. Revamp your career by tapping into your network to see what positions are available. Reach out and offer to help someone in your network to gauge the response. If you're changing fields, expand your network to include people who have a different perspective within your chosen industry. Attend conferences and trade shows or even develop relationships with people in other departments at your current employer. The key is to foster your networking relationships before you actually need them to get your next job.

4. Enhance Your Online Presence

Become more active on LinkedIn by writing blogs, commenting on other's blogs, recommending someone and participating in discussions. Redo your social networks on Facebook and Twitter by reaching out to companies, hiring managers and colleagues in your chosen field. Update your headshot to have a professional-looking image and your online resume with the new skills you're learning as you revamp your career.

5. Volunteer

If you have a spare few hours per week, volunteer at an organization. Your volunteer supervisor can vouch for your skills, and you can learn a new skill set while you volunteer. Consider volunteering nights or weekends, weekly or for a one-time event with a local organization or a nationally known group.

6. Moonlight

Don't just quit outright. Test your new career on the side while you keep your current job. Gaining this valuable experience lets you see firsthand if your new career path is what you really want to do, whether it's restaurant ownership, being a DJ or woodworking.

Revamp your career in six ways to get your happiness quotient back on track. There's no point in having a career that's not fulfilling or is leading nowhere on your career ladder.

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