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Administrative assistants are tasked with more than just gathering files, answering phones and providing clerical support. Today's executives need an assistant who provides order to the office environment and serves as the backbone of the company's operations. Become a rock star assistant and a necessity in the office by acquiring qualities that benefit your professional development and the business as a whole.

Set yourself apart from employees and become a rock star administrative assistant by enhancing your skills. Seek training on the latest technology so you can instruct executives and employees on how to use software programs, office equipment and business-related hardware. Improve your own comfort level with technology so you can jump in and provide support when a deadline is approaching or a client is in need of products or services quickly, suggests business consultant Laura Gmeinder. Administrative assistants willing to improve their skills and introduce innovative technology into the daily office procedures become assets to their companies and other employees.

Companies seek out employees who play well with others. Show you're a team player by offering to assist with projects and daily tasks that may not be part of your daily routine. Offer input during meetings and introduce innovative ideas to better serve clients. Administrative assistants don't have to hide behind a desk waiting for others to request assistance. Instead, show you're motivated and have the initiative to be a team player. Confidence is contagious, so infect the office with your positive attitude and willingness to help others.

Rock-star administrative assistants are able to multitask and prioritize. Inquire with executives about deadlines, priority tasks and preferences when completing work. Show initiative by creating checklists or priority lists for executives overwhelmed with multiple tasks and inquire about how you can assist with their responsibilities by providing clerical support. Know what your boss needs before he needs it to show you're in tune with how the company operates and what tasks are of high priority.

Show you are dependable and trustworthy by complying with confidential matters within the office. Secure personnel files and client data and avoid gossiping with other employees. Employers and executives need to know they can trust you with the sensitive information you handle on a daily basis. Your job also entails a flexible nature, so when tasks or plans change, it's important to show you can multitask, reorganize the office workload and assist when necessary.

Rock-star administrative assistants possess knowledge of the industry, anticipate their supervisor's needs and seek out innovative strategies to improve how the office functions. Show that you have what it takes by embracing a positive, can-do attitude on a daily basis and seek out opportunities to support the company and its employees.

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