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From choosing the perfect outfit to practicing a flawless sales pitch, job interview preparation requires a great deal of work. In order to land a job, you have to impress the hiring manager and outshine every other candidate in the running. Consider these eight tips to rock your next job interview.

1. Do Your Research

After you schedule the job interview, learn all you can about the hiring organization. Check out the company's website, read press releases, learn about company products and services, and peruse customer reviews. Having this knowledge shows hiring managers that you're prepared and enthusiastic.

2. Practice Prior to the Big Day

Review common job interview questions, then practice your responses. Recite them over and over in front of the mirror until your words no longer sound rehearsed. Consider setting up a mock interview with a friend or family member for extra practice.

3. Choose Appropriate Attire

Regardless of the company's dress code, plan to dress professionally for your interview. Make sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle-free and your shoes are polished. Don't go overboard with jewelry, perfumes or colognes.

4. Arrive Early

Give yourself plenty of extra time on the day of your job interview to drive through traffic, find the right location, park your vehicle and check in with the receptionist. While you wait, take deep breaths to calm your nerves and organize your paperwork.

5. Watch Your Body Language

When you first meet the hiring manager, offer a firm handshake as you introduce yourself. Keep eye contact with those on the interview panel while you respond to their questions. Let your enthusiasm shine through as you speak, but avoid over-the-top hand gestures.

6. Offer Thoughtful Answers

When faced with an interview question, take time to collect your thoughts before jumping into the response. Jot down some key points on note cards before heading into your job interview, or peek at your resume for inspiration as you're formulating an answer.

7. Ask Questions

When the hiring manager turns the tables and offers you an opportunity to ask your own questions, always take it. Come to every job interview prepared with several questions that show your interest in the position and enthusiasm for the hiring organization. Ask about a typical day on the job, or inquire about the company's values.

8. Follow Up

After leaving the job interview, send a sincere handwritten thank-you note to every member of the interview panel. Reiterate your interest in the position, and thank the panelists for their time and consideration.

Most people experience some level of stress going into a job interview. Rather than letting your nerves get the best of you, practice these eight tips to make sure you rock it.



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