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Sales organizations and companies continually strive to expand sales. The methodology used by these entities varies, but the basic principles remain the same. Salespeople start out with a company, learn the products or services, train on sales techniques, and then learn from experience. Fortunately, sales teams have plenty of help when it comes to increasing their productivity.

The keys for sales organizations remain in making productivity efficient and effective, according to a 2015 survey of 216 executives from Forbes. To do this, companies ascertain weaknesses and then weed them out of training modules and sales scripts. This maximizes effectiveness of sales tools for the entire sales staff, as every member of the team has to show up on the call and get ready to adapt to the customer on the other end of the line. This means every employee has to have the skills and know-how before picking up the phone.

The survey notes five challenges that face sales organizations with regards to productivity. Four of those challenges talk about the effectiveness of sales representatives, such as onboarding new hires, cutting time to closing the first deal for new employees, increasing the percentage of team members who reach their quotas and reducing time from initial contact to closing the sale. Top-performing salespeople already know the tips and tricks to achieve these goals. The best sales executives and companies in the world know how to train new reps to make them more effective.

Enter sales-enablement technology, which helps firms create extremely efficient training modules for staff. These sales organizations already have a solid grasp of strategies and processes to land the sale, meaning they already know what technology works to improve how representatives close a sale. Top companies have many choices with regards to analytics, customer relationship management software and learning tools thanks to dozens of companies that specialize in creating such programs and apps.

Each team member should have access to sales-enablement technology. However, it's important to note that sales organizations that use too many tools could actually make training modules too confusing. The rule here remains to keep it simple. Representatives with five to 10 tools on hand, with instant access, may find the system too complicated in a pinch. The best technology empowers reps to find their own path while speeding up training, creating sales content and reducing time spent in the sales cycle. The faster companies discover which tools work the best, the sooner they improve their sales metrics.

Several technologies help teams get on the ground running. Cloud computing lets trainers share knowledge, software and information faster. Associated mobile apps give representatives access to information any time and anywhere. Smartphone apps let team members share sales videos and even process transactions on the spot. Sales experts must also recognize how to connect to potential customers through as many mobile devices as possible.

Sales organizations that weed out less effective training methods get to turn staffers into dynamite and productive sellers in less time thanks to technology. Once a company develops the right formula, executives must stay on top of the evolving world of sales to keep pace with competitors.

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