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In the world of sales, it's important to always make it clear to the client that you're there to take care of their needs. Your future as a successful salesman and your company's longevity depend on customer satisfaction, so your number one priority is convincing the client that you're trustworthy and accommodating. To achieve this goal, avoid using these seven phrases that are common mistakes in the sales world.

1. "Trust Me."

Trust is one of the most important factors in landing a sale and retaining a customer for the long run. A successful salesman does not just tell a client that he can be trusted; a good salesman backs up his claims. During your sales pitch, provide samples or demonstrations to illustrate your product's abilities, or garnish positive referrals and feedback from other satisfied clients to prove your organization's reputation.

2. "You May Not Be Interested."

A successful salesman doesn't give the client an opportunity to turn down the deal and should never pre-judge a potential customer based on his needs or purchasing capabilities. Even if the client begins by offering excuses as to why he isn't interested, always treat him as though he's willing and able to buy.

3. "Today's My Day Off."

Always stay connected so that your clients can reach you in case the need arises. This is important so that the customer knows you're reliable, trustworthy and looking out for their business. Even when you're away from the office or on vacation, the client's business is still going strong.

4. "I Don't Know."

Always do your homework, and be prepared for any question or situation that may arise with a client. A successful salesman researches a prospective client and customizes his sales pitch for him. This makes the customer feel special and saves time so you don't have to learn basic information about the client's business.

5. "That's Company Policy."

Telling a client that you're unable to do something because it violates company policy just sounds like an excuse to the client. Because you can't or won't do what the customer is asking, it's likely that the client can find another supplier who is more accommodating. A successful salesman must be ready to break company policy for an important client or have the ability to propose another solution to the problem.

6. "It's Not My Fault."

Never blame a problem on another employee, another organization, the economy or any other external factor. Regardless of the issue, take responsibility and immediately get to work solving the problem. A successful salesman is always accountable to his clients.

7. "I Don't Use This Product."

A successful salesman trusts the products or services he sells. Admitting to a client that you don't use the phone service you're trying to sell makes you immediately lose credibility. Using the product or service also helps you be more knowledgeable when the client has questions.

Steer clear of these seven phrases to avoid common mistakes that can bring your sales pitch to a screeching halt or send your client looking for another supplier. A successful salesman makes his client feel appreciated and goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is satisfied with his service.

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