Should You Ignore These 8 Pieces of Career Advice?

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As a new college grad or young professional, you probably seek out career advice pretty often. However, it's not wise to follow each piece of advice you hear. Take a look at eight pieces of wisdom to ignore as you try to land your first opportunity in your professional life.

1. It's Okay to Lie

You might hear that little white lies on your resume, such as exaggerated experience, certifications or skills, are okay. Ignore this piece of career advice. Your actions at work will speak for themselves, and it won't take long for your boss to realize you don't possess the required job qualifications.

2. Write a Long Resume

Your resume provides a snapshot of your career. It should be concise and to the point, with the most relevant jobs and experience listed on the document. Your future employer uses a resume to gauge whether you're a good fit for the job, and you should write it with the understanding that a resume leaves the hiring manager wanting to know more when he calls you for an interview.

3. Answer Promptly During Interviews

You might believe that quickly responding to interview questions impresses employers. However, most employers prefer interviewees who think about an answer rather than giving memorized answers, so never follow this career advice. Your boss wants a problem solver who thinks about situations before taking action.

4. Accept the First Job You're Offered

If you really need money, taking the first job that comes your way might be a prudent choice. However, it's best to hold out until you find an opportunity that mean something to you and can boost your career. Instead of following this career advice, take the time to network, research the best jobs for you and move on with a measured approach and a plan in mind.

5. Keep Your Professional Distance

Colleagues and team members generally spend a lot of time together and sometimes become friends. There's nothing wrong with this, as friendship helps build trust among team members and can help you develop your collaborative skills.

6. Stay in Your Comfort Zone

Risk is part of the challenge when it comes to improving your career prospects. Take a chance and try something new. Move to a different city or try working in a different department to get a new perspective on your professional life.

7. Don't Take On New Responsibilities

In a highly competitive job market, one way to stand out to a new employer is to take on more responsibilities. If you don't, your career may stagnate and someone else might take advantage of an opportunity and earn a promotion. Only follow this career advice if you're truly happy in your current role and don't want to move forward.

8. Never Quit Without a Plan

Sometimes, you just have to quit your job for your own sanity, for health reasons or to get out of a dangerous situation. If your anxiety becomes too much at the office, then move on before you suffer irreparable harm, regardless of your prospects for another job.

Ignore these eight pieces of career advice, as they can stagnate your professional life. It's best to seek advice from individuals who are thriving within their chosen career fields.

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  • Annette L.
    Annette L.

    Very good advice.

  • Alan Martin
    Alan Martin

    I accept the first job I am offered because I do not get a lot of offers. Also, the offers I have gotten were for jobs that started shortly after the offer was made. I wish I was in a position to compare offers but that is not how it has happened.

  • Jonathan L.
    Jonathan L.

    No, i will not ignore the 8 Career Nexxt advice.

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Linda C thanks for your comment. It certainly can be tough to break back into the job world after a 20 year absence. Honestly, I would suggest that you consider going through a temp agency. That way, they can work with you to figure out what type of position you are best suited for.

  • Linda C.
    Linda C.

    What do I️ do about being out of the work force for 20 years

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