Showing Your Worth to Companies When Re-Entering the Workforce

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Re-entering the workforce after a hiatus can be challenging, but with the right preparation, you can impress employers before and after the hiring process. Boost your job search skills and market your qualifications as the prime candidate in your industry to secure a job that offers you a fulfilling career.

Address the Resume Gap

Spend time during your job search finalizing your resume. While you may be leery of explaining a gap in employment, it's important to own it because employers notice. Show how you've enhanced your skills during time off without revealing any personal information such as family status. For example, outline classes or workshops you attended while out of work, and emphasize the new skills learned. Instead of detailing how your time was spent raising a family, focus on your professional development and personal growth on your application materials.

Highlight Your Value

Employers need to know how you plan to make a positive impact on the company's growth, productivity, profits and culture. Make this information readily available by crafting a cover letter during your job search that highlights your value to the industry. Showcase your past accomplishments in the workforce and detail transferable skills when moving to a new field. Offer specific examples regarding your performance in previous jobs and show you're willing to find the same success with this firm. Employers who can see you're motivated and committed during the hiring process are more likely to make a job offer.

Plan for Employment

Well before you begin your job search, make the necessary plans to show you're ready and available to re-enter the workforce. Line up childcare, arrange for alternative babysitting options when your children are sick, and assess your wardrobe so you're ready for a professional environment. While you don't have to reveal your family status to a potential employer, it's important to show you're not distracted by personal obligations and are ready to focus on developing a career with the company. Express your eagerness during the interview, and practice common interview questions during your job search. A key part of your preparation should also focus on researching viable companies. Perform an online search to identify firms in your field with values and missions that are in line with what you're seeking in a fulfilling position. Use this information during the interview to further impress hiring managers of your knowledge and readiness to re-enter the workforce.

Performing a job search after a long break from the workforce doesn't have to make you feel like you're unprepared. Show your eagerness and willingness to jump start your career by highlighting your value and addressing your resume gap from the start. Own your fears but work through them with preparation to boost your confidence. What are some of your fears about re-entering the workforce? Share those thoughts in the comments section below.

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