Six Tech Jobs for Non-Techies

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The tech industry is one, if not the¸ highest paying one in America. Therefore, many people think that in order to get one of those high-paying jobs in Silicon Valley, you must know how to code or have other highly technical skills. However, this is not true.

Think about it.

Every company, regardless of industry or specialty, is made up of several departments that are critical to the success of the company, such as: finances, operations, HR, and sales/marketing. Therefore, in every company, there is a place for even the non-techie. Below is a list of six jobs that can be found in any industry. While specific jobs are listed here, keep in mind that these jobs exist in specialized departments that include other positions as well that might fit your background and preferences. For example, the human resources department doesn’t only consist of human resource managers (listed), but also other positions, such as recruiters (not listed) which can also be a great position to consider. Therefore, make sure to look at the bigger picture and further explore the various departments mentioned in this list.

1.  Sales or Business Development Representatives

Average Annual Salary: $45,000

Sales or Business Development Representatives (SDR or BDR) make up the sales department of a company by bringing in sales through inbound and outbound leads. These are great entry-level positions because they usually pay well, require minimal prior experience, and provide extensive on-the-job training making getting your foot in the door of the tech industry highly possible, even if you’re not very tech-savvy.

2.  Finance Manager

Average Annual Salary: $89,000

Business means money. Without proper financial management, there is no success for a business. Therefore, if your knack is not in codes, but in numbers, you’re in luck. For any company to “make it”, proper financial management is necessary, so take a look at the various positions that exist in finance departments, such as finance managers, accountants, bookkeepers, and clerks.

3.  Human Resources Manager

Average Annual Salary: $72,000

Due to the very nature of the tech industry, it’s famous for its flexible work arrangements and opportunities for remote work.

But, it’s not the software engineers who are coming up with these perks.

It’s the human resources department that assesses, plans, and implements company policies related to recruitment, employee retention, laws and regulations, and so much more.

4.  Office Manager

Average Annual Salary: $46,000

Have you gone to the doctor before and noticed how organized and smooth-run the receptionist’s area is? Well, not only doctor offices need that level of organization and flow. Every successful workplace does. Therefore, office management is essential for day-to-day operations. A job in office management or administration generally requires only a high school diploma or equivalent, therefore, this is a great entry-level position to consider. 

5.  Graphic Designer

Average Annual Salary: $50,000


Do your talents lie more in the creative realm? No worries! Experience in graphic design can lead you to a number of paths, from marketing/advertising, to package design, to visual journalism.


6.  Writer

Average Annual Salary: $54,000

When we think of writers, we often think of bestselling authors and novelists. However, in the business world, there are several other types of writers who are also bringing in “bestselling” results for companies. Writers who are often hired by companies include copywriters (sales/advertising), content writers (journalism/marketing), business writers (business development and operations), and technical writers (operations). So if you have a way with words, make sure to check out the myriad of writing positions sure to be available.

The tech industry can seem like the shiny object you want, but can’t reach. However, that doesn’t have to be true. Just like any other industry, the tech industry is also made up of a number of roles and departments that don’t require specific technical knowledge. If your ultimate goal is to eventually land a truly tech job, such as web development, you can still get your foot in the door through a non-tech position, such as graphic design. The above list is to guide you in your search, but the opportunities are vast. Here is an action plan you can try:

1. List out all the departments that exist in a company, regardless of industry.

2. Select the departments that you feel fit your background and skills.

3. Search for jobs in those departments at tech companies.

4. Land a job at the next great tech name (dream big!)

Happy Job Hunting!



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