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Honesty is always the best policy during a job interview; however, this doesn't mean you should disclose all of your personal information to the hiring manager. There are some things that are better left unsaid as you discuss your top-level skills, past experiences and current status. Take a look at eight secrets you should never reveal during an interview.

1. Desperation

Even if you're flat broke or want to leave your current company immediately, keep this information to yourself during a job interview. Disclosing this information might make you appear desperate and hiring managers who know you need a job as soon as possible might offer you less money.

2. Fired From Your Last Job

You are under no obligation to reveal why you left your last job. Saying you were fired from your most recent position is a huge turn off to an employer, so avoid this topic as much as possible during a job interview. Give a short, one sentence reason why you left your last job, and then turn the attention back to the skills you developed in that position.

3. Awful Boss

Never say you had a horrible boss or didn't get along with supervisors at a previous job. Your interviewers may brand you as someone with a negative attitude. Employers want to hire positive people who work well with others.

4. Salary

Do not reveal your previous salary during a job interview, even if you reach the negotiation stage of the hiring process. Rather than talk about past salaries, list an acceptable range of amounts as a starting point for negotiations.

5. Pregnancy

Discrimination based on family status, such as pregnancy, is illegal. Yet, companies may find excuses not to hire someone who is pregnant because they do not want to deal with maternity leave within a few months after hiring someone new. Companies that rescind an offer after finding out about a pregnancy may find themselves subject to a discrimination lawsuit. If you must work while pregnant, wait to disclose your pregnancy until after you sign a contract or start your job.

6. Engagement

Much like pregnancy, your family status is not your employer's business. A new commitment or recent engagement might mean family obligations and parental leave, which are red flags to employers, so keep your relationship and family status to yourself.

7. Relocation

Keep quiet about any plans to relocate in the near future, even if you plan to move within a couple of years. This information might cause you to lose a permanent position. Also, you might change your mind about relocating if you land a great job.

8. Personal Hiccups

Companies are generally more sympathetic to employees, as opposed to potential candidates, who have personal situations and hiccups they are dealing with outside of the office. Don't disclose information about your divorce, family problems, layoff or medical issues during a job interview. An employer might view these as stumbling blocks to success in your new role.

During job interviews, keep the conversation focused on your professional qualifications and skills, since revealing these eight secrets may hinder your chances of landing a great job.

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  • Armindo C.
    Armindo C.

    Always for me the honesty is the best policy being in job interview or other way about life...

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