Some Tips to Liven Up Your Resume

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The transformation in how applicants craft a resume has significantly impacted how candidates compile their experience and skills during the job search. Instead of just listing your skills, new and innovative strategies to compiling this document can capture the attention of hiring managers and liven up your resume to highlight your accomplishments and creativity.

Focus on Your Target Audience

Crafting a resume that appeals to potential employers involves customization and personalization. Target employers within your industry by including keywords from job descriptions when writing a resume. Highlight the skills you possess that the employer is seeking in bullet form so the hiring manager can easily see you have the qualifications the company is seeking.

Keep It Short

One of the most common mistakes you can make during the job search is crafting a resume that is too long. Write concisely and present a brief snapshot of your skills and experience with a one-page document. Summarize your most prominent accomplishments in an objective section, and focus primarily on the skills that relate to the position. Create clear and concise headings to separate your education, experience, objectives and accomplishments so hiring managers can easily spot the most relevant information to the position.

Customize the Format

Employers are seeking individuals who are creative and innovative. Showcase your creativity by opting for a format that ties directly to your field. For example, graphic designers crafting a resume should offer a clean design that utilizes fonts that complement each other, while a business professional should opt for a more uniform format. Browse through resume formats commonly used within your field to spark imagination when putting together your application materials. Use a consistent format that details your experience in a cohesive manner but lets your creativity shine to capture interest right away.

Utilize Social Media

Offer consistency when crafting a resume and filling out your profiles on social media. For example, an employer should see similar information listed on your LinkedIn profile when viewing your resume. Focus your time on building your professional profiles to enhance your job opportunities, especially when networking online. Put your qualifications in the spotlight by establishing yourself as an expert online. Join professional organizations and discussions on forums and threads to build your brand. Publish informational articles and blogs that you can eventually list on your resume to further publicize your experience and skills.

Your application materials should showcase your professionalism and your creativity. Liven up your documents by crafting a resume that represents your field and industry while also highlighting your experience relevant to the position. Put your best foot forward by stepping outside of the box when applying to positions that require and demand a creative approach and innovative strategies to increase your chances of a job offer.

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