Starting a New Job Opens Up a New World

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It can be challenging to start a new job as an administrative assistant. You have a new boss, a new team and a new company culture to learn. Identify how you can succeed by utilizing your skills and experience to open up a new world and embrace this new opportunity.

Take Baby Steps

You may strive to jump right in and learn every new task on the first day, but the reality is that as an administrative assistant at a new organization, you have to take baby steps to learn more about the company culture and operations. Pace yourself and set small goals to achieve success on the job, recommends the Secretary Help Line. Identify the needs of employees you will be working with, inquire about expectations and get to know your new surroundings gradually so you are not overwhelmed and can master new skills one day at a time.


It is likely that the administrative assistant previously in your position maintained electronic and paper files regarding processes. Go on a fishing expedition to learn more about how the company operates. Take some time to review documents on the server to identify common forms used to familiarize yourself with processes and procedures. Bookmark relevant websites that are informative and offer reference materials during your day so you can easily access key terms used within the business.

Create an Organizational System

Develop an organizational system that works best for you. Create folders for meetings divided by agenda, handouts and minutes for easy access. Create a filing system that works best for the people you support. For example, you can file documents by date, employee or categories that are fitting for the industry so that both you and employees can easily find the information they are seeking. Develop a system that you are comfortable with to create a more efficient work environment.

Ask Questions

As an administrative assistant, your role is to support company employees and executives. Gain the knowledge you need to succeed with this task by asking questions. Administrators expect new employees to have questions. Create a list throughout the day of questions you have and ask your supervisor for a few minutes each day to review these so you do not feel as if you are pestering employees continually.

Learn New Skills

Be open to learning at all times. An administrative assistant needs to possess excellent organizational, communication and computer skills to efficiently support the team. Seek out opportunities to learn a new computer program so that you are an asset to the company.

It may take some time for you to feel comfortable in a new position as an administrative assistant. With a clear strategy for developing skills, organizing your work environment and learning more about the company, you can find that this new opportunity is a rewarding adventure.

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