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Landing your perfect job may take months, but you must remember that the end result of your job search is well worth the hard work you put into it. Rather than fret about how a long gap in unemployment may look on your resume, stay relevant by finding ways to fill those gaps aside from professional development, gig work and volunteering opportunities.

Build Your Portfolio

Start writing a blog and building your portfolio as part of your job search. There are many types of websites that are free to use and free to build. The only downside is these websites may have advertisements on them. Your blog and portfolio show you're staying on top of your industry by writing about current events as they happen. Comment on recent news, connect with other bloggers and show off your expertise to influencers in your industry.

If blogging isn't for you, a professional website is the perfect way to compile your portfolio. This puts all of your best work in one place for an employer to see. Having a comprehensive website to point to on your resume is a way for an employer to get to know your skills.

Seek Out Recruiters

Find recruiters and submit your resume. LinkedIn is a great resource to start this aspect of your job search. If you don't know a recruiter personally, use your contacts to put you in touch with one. Ask your contact for an introduction, or reach out to the recruiter on your own.

Talking to recruiters in person is important because these people are more likely to read your resume if they know you personally. Call to set up an appointment, and talk to the recruiter about the jobs you're interested in, the types of companies you want to work for and why you think a recruiter is a good choice at this stage of your job search.

Stay Up-to-Date

Keep up-to-date within your industry. This means becoming an expert by talking to others. Attend industry events in your area and meet people who can put you in touch with future opportunities. Consider attending local career fairs to meet contacts from local businesses.

Professional groups have several benefits in this regard. They're specific to your industry and have job boards on their websites, and you already have something in common with the people in this group. Networking is a vital tool that puts your expertise out there for people to see.

As you get to know people who can put you in touch with job opportunities, research these companies and narrow your target job search. Networking pays off eventually because your contacts recognize you're a valuable asset when you discuss relevant industry news with them or offer to solve a problem for them.

Stay relevant in your job search by employing several tactics. Whatever you do, never stagnate because it means you're not growing. If you're not growing, you fall behind in your career and others have advantages over you as you try to land interviews.

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